VIDEO OF THE WEEK :: Station Square, Youngstown OH, La Flor Dominicana Cigars, Molly Dooker Wine, Evil Twin Brewing

by admin 03.21.2013

From  our  pals at Havana House In this, Vice Picks Episode 3, they add EATING to the mix, visiting Station Square, a High End Ristorante in Youngstown, Ohio (No, smart ass. That’s not a contradiction!!). HH’s Tony Bellatto then moves on to focus the spotlight on La Flor Dominicana Cigars, Australia’s Molly Dooker Wine (Great Labels, btw), and Evil Twin […]

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NEWS OF THE DAY :: “Is That Water In My Budweiser?” – Forbes

by admin 02.27.2013

From Roger Dooley , reprinted from Forbes 2/27/13 Craft beer lovers may find brews like Budweiser a bit thin already, but the last thing the brand needs is for long-time Bud drinkers to get the impression that someone is adding water to their beer. As I discussed in my Maker’s Mark post, it’s not whether […]

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PREMIERE :: “WASH IT DOWN with Scott Martin Brooks”

by admin 01.29.2013

Wassup!? Scott pays a visit to Church Brew Works, the award winning brewery and restaurant in Pittsburgh PA. Great brews, great food, housed in a spectacular former church. This YBN-originated webisode of “Wash it Down” is a quick distillation (oh my…did we write that?) of our visit. Video facilities provided by: Video Pro, Inc. Gold […]

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GUEST POST :: Southern Beer Belles…

by admin 01.23.2013

5 Destination Breweries in the South by David Bryce Editors Dave and Harvey have been back and forth and through the South more than once in these last couple years, but today, I’d like to introduce you to and revisit a few breweries. If you live or visit the South you’ll be among some of […]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK :: Oregonian Wines, Wynwood Custom Stogies and Dogfish Head Burton Baton

by admin 01.02.2013

HAPPY 2013!! When we received the link to this from Havana House we had no idea there was going to be such a kind shout out to us here at YBN as part of the clip, but it was sweet to see. We’ve written about these guys before, and as we move a little more […]

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PICS OF THE DAY :: A Great Beer Recipe & Some Great Music

by admin 12.11.2012

Here we have a pic of our pal down in Tampa, the legendary “Lounge” Laura Taylor, host of Surface Noise on WMNF. A swell Greg Shaw Garage Band Classic Cool Dame (and “Dame” is, without question, the operable word here), tune in and contribute if/when you can: She’s pictured here with a BIG home […]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK :: Charles Smith Boom Boom, Viaje Cigars, & The Mikkeller Beer Group

by admin 12.02.2012

We’ve recently written about Havana House, a small chain of awesome emporiums home based in Warren, Ohio. Sporting a great cigar selection, a terrific wine stock, and cooler after cooler of great beer, our next short review piece from Harv and Dave will actually emanate from there, and we’ll be announcing, very soon, the opening […]

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PIC OF THE DAY :: As Mom Used to Say….

by admin 10.09.2012
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GUEST POST :: Best Beers to Try While Traveling in Europe

by admin 10.04.2012

Ed. This is a bit of a Europe 101 from a blogger associated with Micro Matic, a manufacturer/distributor of draft beer equipment and accesories. This could be construed as an ad, except the ONLY thing received by YBN by way of this post is simply that: what might be useful, entertaining content. So we post, […]

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CHEF JOE :: Reporting on Vietnamese Beer – In London!

by admin 08.07.2012

Many years ago, I took Editor Harvey Gold on his first excursion to a Vietnamese restaurant. The restaurant manager, a tall Vietnamese man with stern countenance and military bearing, answered our every question regarding the suitability of a particular dish with the command “Have the Pho”!  So we ordered the Pho. After placing our order, we decided to nickname the man […]

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