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THE CHICAGO BEAT :: BYOB – Endless Choices from Chicago’s Food Scene Part 2

by Paul Ciminero 07.02.2012

The food scene in Chicago has evolved over the past decade to include award winning, internationally acclaimed restaurants sprouting up with no liquor licenses, hence bringing the concept of BYOB to a whole new level. As mentioned in Part One, there are three “Top Dogs” that fit into that category; Schwa, Goosefoot, and Ruxbin Kitchen.  […]

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PIC OF THE DAY :: Blatz is the Best for the Young Mother, dontcha know.

by Paul Ciminero 04.02.2012
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CHICAGO BEAT :: BYOB – Endless Choices From Chicago’s Food Scene – Part One

by Paul Ciminero 02.25.2012

It used to be if you wanted to attend a dinner at a “three star” restaurant in Chicago, you’d get out the mortgage papers and prepare to sign over the house or it’s possessions for an extraordinary meal. Forget the $130 10-course prefix menu, tax and tip not included. By the time you added beer, […]

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THE CHICAGO BEAT :: Hot Dog!! Wiener Wars – A Chicago Story

by Paul Ciminero 08.18.2011

As a battle begins to take shape in court between Oscar Meyer and Ball Park Franks over false advertising in a $2.1 billion hot dog industry, I decided to weigh in on one of Chicago’s favorite passions (and mine as well)…the hot dog. As quintessential as the corner tavern is to beer in this fair […]

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Hops Wars :: Boston vs. Chicago – The Politics of Beer

by Paul Ciminero 02.25.2011

Or “Why can’t I get my favorite draft beer at my local bar?” Chicago Beat reporter Paul Ciminero, a former winery rep and our Beer Doctor, Dr. Carol Westbrook, who clearly has put in some Boston Bar Time (see The Beer Clinic :: “Boston is a Great Beer City: AKA Forget Sam Adams”) have an e-chat. […]

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CHICAGO BEAT :: Revolution Brewing Company

by Paul Ciminero 01.31.2011

Having traveled extensively as a winery representative throughout the country for the past 20 years, I can say unequivocally that folks in the wine bizz (be it makers or sales) more than relish a cold beer at the end of the day. Does that make them beer experts? In most cases, yes, as they approach […]

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CHICAGO BEAT :: The Best (and Worst) of 2010

by Paul Ciminero 01.16.2011

Ed: Paul Ciminero is not only a wine expert, but a former DJ and current musicologist, a cartoon aficionado, and a skilled, award winning photographer, to name only a few attributes and interests. Thus, we see him as something of a Renaissance Guy. Just do NOT talk politics with him. He’s smart and well read, […]

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