Dr. Carol Westbrook

Only in Wisconsin: the Mystique of New Glarus Beer

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 10.10.2018

“Only in Wisconsin” reads the label on the New Glarus bottle, the six-packs, the coasters and the swag available in the gift shop.  The Octoberfest hat I found in the gift shop has the Wisconsin map and their logo, “Drink Indigenous” on the front. Even the distribution trucks have the map and logo! Want to […]

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Brewers and Beer for Breast Cancer

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 05.31.2018

I recently attended a tap takeover in Chicago in support of “Bright Pink Chicago, ” one of a week-long series of breast cancer fundraisers sponsored by “Crafty Women of Chicago.”  There were many reasons this event appealed to me, a medical oncologist and beer aficionado:  it supported cancer research, it featured great beer, and it was sponsored […]

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We’re back! Craft Beer in Northeast Pennsylvania: Part I, Breaker Brewing Company

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 05.14.2018

I had followed the craft beer scene around Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, for 4 years, beginning with the First Electric City Craft Beer Fest of 2012. At that time, craft beer was just gaining momentum nationally. In Wilkes-Barre, a number of brewer-entrepreneurs were also getting started, from homebrewers starting in their own garage, to experienced brewers with […]

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by Dr. Carol Westbrook 02.13.2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Fourth Annual Beer + Oscar Pairings, in which I present my picks for Best Beer to accompany each of the films nominated for “Best Picture” by the American Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. In contrast to previous years, the 2017 Oscar nominations celebrate diversity. Among this year’s […]

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by Dr. Carol Westbrook 01.12.2017

It is January 2017, and YourBeerNetwork has been live for six years. It’s time for a look back at our website, and to look ahead to what its future will be. Our world, and the world of craft beer, has changed so much in six years! Harvey Gold, our editor, brought us together in 2011, […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Craft Brews & Church Pews—Abbey Ales

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 11.02.2016

Saint Arnold, the pious prior, is the patron saint of beer and brewers. And it is right and just, because monks and ale go together like…well, like hops and barley. It is a tradition that has lasted throughout the history of our Western civilization. Although they may not have invented beer, the monks of northern Europe take […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Seeking Virtue – Craft Cider is the Next New Thing

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 08.23.2016

Are you getting bored with IPAs? Tired of sours and barrel-aged stouts? Just can’t love lagers? The Beer Doctor recommends the next new thing — a craft cider. If your first thought is, “Cider? That sticky sweet, fruit-flavored, low alcohol stuff? Uggh. I’d rather drink a wine cooler,” then think again. Think dry cider. Drier […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Best Beers in America? Really?

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 07.08.2016

The American Homebrewers’ Association 14th Annual “Best Beers in America” were recently announced in the July/August 2016 issue of Zymurgy, the AHA journal. The results were based on over 18,000 votes cast by the members of the AHA. These listings are eagerly awaited by AHA members, brewers, and craft beer lovers throughout the world. Beer lovers […]

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BEER CLINIC :: And The Oscar Goes To…

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 02.08.2016

It’s Oscar time again. On February 28, 2016, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present Oscars for cinematic achievement at the eagerly-anticipated 88th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony. That means it’s also time for the eagerly-anticipated 3rd Annual Beer and Oscar Pairing, in which I recommend a beer to drink with each of […]

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BEER CLINIC :: A Bottle a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: at the Master Brewer’s Conference

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 01.24.2016

This year I was privileged to give the opening talk at the annual meeting of the MBAA, the Master Brewers Association of the Americas. My charge was to discuss the health effects of beer. My audience: the premiere brewers’ organization in the US. Present a scientific talk about beer to a group of professional brewers who know as much […]

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