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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK :: A New Trip Through the South

by Harvey Gold 11.25.2014

So a new trip to the south. The difference this time, is that, as opposed to a one stop straight shot to our beloved but isolated burg of Okeechobee Florida, this tour had more stops and, thus, more opportunities to try some brewage. First up, Winston-Salem North Carolina. We revisited a watering hole we’ve reported […]

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MASSIVELY FAST REVIEW :: 4 brews, 4 breweries

by Harvey Gold 11.23.2014

These bottles have just been sitting here. Let’s cut to the chase! Left to right: Yes, definitely! Night of the Living Stout, from  Full Pint Brewing NO, NO, NO!!! Argh!!! Cranberry Stout from Meantime Brewing You Betcha! Hop Ryot Rye IPA from Jackie O’s Woo Hoo!!!! D.O.R.I.S. the Destroyer from Hoppin’ Frog   QUESTIONS?

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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK :: So a Clown Shoe walks up to the bar…

by Harvey Gold 09.11.2014

Hard to say if this one is more a review of an ale or a review of the reviewer…. sigh. In any event let’s just cut to the chase. I recently sang the praises of Clown Shoes, loving the name, the labels, the humor, and, of course, the beer. So I was pleased to pick […]

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by Harvey Gold 09.03.2014

So I’ve got this guy…. Matt at Havana House West, in Bath Ohio. I sometimes buy cigars there and have done a piece on a terrific beer/cigar pairing I did at their other location in Warren, Ohio. We’ve also been privileged to post their fun and informative “Vice Picks” series of videos as Videos of the […]

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FROM THE YBN EDITOR’S DESK :: My Dinners with a Porter, a New “Martini,” and a Ketchup Bottle

by Harvey Gold 08.13.2014

Had an interesting time at favorite watering hole The Lockview the other night. First off, I ordered a Black Butte porter from Deschutes Brewery out of Portland, Oregon. We’ve had some very nice offerings from these folks of late, big fans of their Inversion IPA. This one, at 5.2% makes for the rare session porter. Here, in […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Adventuring with Deschutes, Clown Shoes, & Hoppin’ Frog

by Harvey Gold 07.02.2014

I was having some friends over, which always gives me, still a cheap date, the opportunity to buy interesting new offerings in 22s and 750mls and share, sometimes getting interesting takes from my friends, sometimes ignoring them, but being able to try a couple or three without getting hammered. On this occasion, of my three […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Truth, Justice, and the American Ale

by Harvey Gold 06.05.2014

Had this great, multi purposed funfest recently, attending Comic Book Heritage Night at the Great Lakes Brewing Tasting Room , sponsored by the brewery and Carol & John’s Comic Shop. There were about 100 interesting folks to rub shoulders with, a gaggle of artists, known as the Rust Belt Monster Collective  in attendance, a line of them […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: A quickie – Domaine DuPage, Lively & Alive

by Harvey Gold 05.26.2014

At the end of a very physically active holiday weekend, a little dehydrated from all the play and salty BBQ foods, I sat down with a nice Ashton Esquire, a Dominican purito, and a 12 oz. bottle of Domaine DuPage from Two Brothers Brewing, a French Country Ale, at 5.9% ABV. It poured a medium […]

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HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO :: Mexican Craft Beer

by Harvey Gold 05.05.2014

In our house, we have a passionate, if secular, relationship with colorful, south of the border religious icons. Día de Muertos, Our Lady of Guadalupe… even the “Drug Saint,” Jesus Malverde, are all represented here in the form of pictures, mirrors, statuettes, dioramas and fiber optics. We’ve even paid a couple visits to the famous […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Last (?) Stand in South Central (Florida, that is)

by Harvey Gold 03.14.2014

As evidenced by more than a couple past reports here, our adventures in South Central Florida (Okeechobee to be exact) have held mixed results, many of them resulting in us trying beers that come from nowhere near here. Now we have to consider that, first, the greater Okeechobee area can’t top 7-8000 people and our […]

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