by David Daugherty 04.23.2012

Yes, from the same Rogue that brought you Dead Guy Ale and others we have written about here, Dead Guy Whiskey is distilled from the sweet wort of Dead Guy Ale and uses C-15, Rogue Micro Farm Dare and Risk malts.  Rounding it off are Free Range Coastal Water and Distiller’s Yeast.  The process to create the whiskey […]

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by David Daugherty 04.17.2012

Since moving back out west, I don’t get very much mail out here so imagine my surprise when I found a box sitting at my front door.  Total surprise, I hadn’t ordered anything and it’s not my birthday yet.  So I was pretty excited when I opened the box to find… BEER!  Yes, BEER!  FROM […]

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A “DELIGHTED TO WRITE THIS” QUICKY :: Deschutes Brewery Hop Henge Experimental IPA

by David Daugherty 04.01.2012

Living here in the Southwest so far has been great and one of the best things about it is having such a huge selection of regionally distributed craft beer that I couldn’t get out east. Deschutes Brewery, out of Bend Oregon, is one that has come up on my radar since I’ve been out here! […]

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by David Daugherty 03.08.2012

On Feb 25th, Papago Brewing, along with Little Guy Distributing sponsored a truly worthwhile charity beer festival to mark the end of Arizona Beer Week 2012.  What made this so worthwhile is that Papago donated 100% of the proceeds to the MISS Foundation. I’ve enjoyed going to beer tastings and beer festivals in the past […]

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BACK TO THE BEERS :: Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale

by David Daugherty 02.19.2012

OK, before I get started here I must clarify a couple things. – I don’t seek out “novelty” beers.  Even though this one has the looks and the name of one, it’s far from it.  I believe that there are so many craft brewers putting out amazing product that the pressure to come up with […]

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ON AND OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: The Last Of the Holiday Beers 2011… almost

by David Daugherty 01.12.2012

The holidays are over, the decorations are gone and life continues after a great season of giving and sharing.  During the holiday, we experienced some excellent winter brews, so I thought I would give you three more I enjoyed with friends and family between Christmas and New Years Eve 2011.  This is the last of […]

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HOLIDAY BEERS PART 1 :: Here we go!!!

by David Daugherty 12.15.2011

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching and as is customary, I celebrate with various holiday beers.  This year has been no exception, luckily the Christmas beers found their way to the shelves a little earlier than usual so I got a jump start on it.  So here we go: The first holiday beer of the […]

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ON AND OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: A Little Something From the Desert

by David Daugherty 12.06.2011

I was in the mood for something a little different, so I went to Papago Brewing in Scottsdale, my go-to source for beer. It has a constantly rotating beer selection of 32 beers on tap, so I’m never disappointed. This day was no exception. After looking at the list, I went with Widmer Brothers Rotator […]

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ON & OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: The Road to Scottsdale AZ

by David Daugherty 12.05.2011

Before going to Scottsdale, I spent a couple days getting in shape by visiting some of my favorite old haunts. These were places I came to favor; I’m including them here should you ever have the occasion to be around and are looking for a place to stop for a bite and a beer. The […]

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by David Daugherty 11.23.2011

Sonoran 200!! I write that with an exclamation mark to emphasize everything that this ale has to offer. The bottle not only looks cool, it’s so cool it beckons you to buy it. Once done, you have to ponder how you want to drink this monster of a beer! First, let me explain how I […]

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