January 2011

CHICAGO BEAT :: Revolution Brewing Company

by Paul Ciminero 01.31.2011

Having traveled extensively as a winery representative throughout the country for the past 20 years, I can say unequivocally that folks in the wine bizz (be it makers or sales) more than relish a cold beer at the end of the day. Does that make them beer experts? In most cases, yes, as they approach […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Health Effects of Beer

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 01.19.2011

Of course, beer is healthy! Just about any yeast product adds nutrients that our body cannot make itself, or which promote our health in small amounts. This, by the way, is also true for other yeast-based products including wine and aged cheese. Malted barley contains a fair amount of the B vitamins–niacin, riboflavin, biotin, and […]

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THRIFT STORE RECORDS & CHEAP RED WINE :: Charlie Parker with a Chilean Cabernet

by Lane Steinberg 01.19.2011

Ed: Lane Steinberg has spent the past several decades writing, recording, and producing music. He currently performs with the Latin psychedelic band, Cracked Latin. Lane blogs about wine at The Red Wine Haiku Review, where he’s reviewed over 400 bottles using the strict 5-7-5 syllable poetic form. 1st in a series… The Record: Charlie Parker, […]

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Strange Brew :: The YBN Beer Fridge for Super Bowl Weekend

by Harvey Gold 01.18.2011

1) Sam Adams Black Lager 1) Sam Adams Double Bock 2) Sam Adams Coastal Wheat 6) Bell’s Hopslam Double Imperial IPA 1) Erie Brewing Railbender Ale 2) New Belgium Fat Tire 1) Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 1) Pilsner Urquell 1) Molson Canadien 1) Guinness Stout 1) Cerebrus Belgian Trippel Ale 1) Ridgeway Bad Elf 1) Ridgeway […]

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NEWS & REVIEWS :: Buckeye Brewing’s Christmas Girl

by David Daugherty 01.18.2011

We’ve enjoyed and written about many Christmas and holiday beers this season, but would be terribly remiss if we didn’t mention one from our friends at Buckeye Brewing. Christmas Girl is a delicious Belgian-style Pale (Blonde) Ale with an ABV of 6.5%. Offering an aroma of oak, grapes and maybe wine, not much of a […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: A Beer Virgin

by Harvey Gold 01.17.2011

Let me clarify something about your esteemed “Editor.” Make no bones about it, I’m fascinated with beer–love the way it can work with food, am knocked out by the things people are doing with it, and am so very impressed by the passion and love shown by the folks who create craft beer and love […]

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CHICAGO BEAT :: The Best (and Worst) of 2010

by Paul Ciminero 01.16.2011

Ed: Paul Ciminero is not only a wine expert, but a former DJ and current musicologist, a cartoon aficionado, and a skilled, award winning photographer, to name only a few attributes and interests. Thus, we see him as something of a Renaissance Guy. Just do NOT talk politics with him. He’s smart and well read, […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Miss America Chili Night

by Harvey Gold 01.15.2011

Much has been written recently about beer aged in a variety of casks, usually about the gathering of an expectant crowd at some favorite pub to witness the tapping and drawing of a greatly anticipated brew. So when, visiting my local grocery store, “The Acme,” shopping for our 10th annual gathering to eat big bowls of chili […]

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ON & OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: Hey, what’s this all about?

by David Daugherty 01.01.2011

Early in 2007, having retired from “Gumint Work,” I wanted to do something interesting and informative while, at the same time, having fun in the process. I loved photography, but hadn’t had the time to really explore the interest, so the first thing I did was buy an expensive camera and just started shooting, mostly  […]

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DAVE SPEAKS :: Royal Oaks Bar & Grille, Youngstown OH

by YourBeerNetwork Videos 01.01.2011

A YourBeerNetwork feature video: “Dave Speaks.” David Daugherty shares some lore gathered from his visits to America’s bars, taverns and saloons. This episode features the Royal Oak Bar & Grille in Youngstown, Ohio. (Francisco Escobar, DP/Editor; Eugene Malkin, Gaffer/Grip.)

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