April 2011

THRIFT STORE RECORDS & CHEAP RED WINE :: Herman’s Hermits & Evans Wine Cabernet

by Lane Steinberg 04.28.2011

3rd in a series… The Record: Herman’s Hermits, “Blaze” (1967 MGM), $2.00 The Wine: Evans Wine Company, Kings Valley Cabernet (Australia) 1998, $5.00 (discounted) I kept reading how this was the “serious” Herman’s Hermit’s record, so I always made a mental note to pick it up. I saw a so-so copy at the Salvation Army […]

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ON AND OFF THE BEATEN PATH: A Quickie from Asheville

by David Daugherty 04.28.2011

Although I was in Asheville for a few days, there just wasn’t enough time to visit all the breweries I would have liked.  So instead, I was able to go to the local market and buy some of those beers that I really wanted to try and French Broad Brewing Company was one of those.  […]

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BEER CLINIC :: A Mini Session

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 04.27.2011

Ed: A short report from the Beer Clinic by Dr. Carol Westbrook. Last night we visited the Shoreline Brew Pub in Michigan City, IN, where we tasted 3 amazing and unique brews. This microbrewery is not small in imagination. (1) The Goat is back!  Curse the Goat is a dobblebock that is released for Lent […]

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ON AND OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: Asheville NC—A Beer and Art Lovers Town

by David Daugherty 04.26.2011

After much anticipation, we made our way into Asheville NC. I had read so much about the strong, growing, and award winning craft beer community, rivaling the other states who have dominated the industry for years (had a conversation with one owner about this and his response to follow), I was ready to dive in! […]

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by Harvey Gold 04.26.2011


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GUEST COLUMNIST/CHEF :: Joe’s Day-After Easter Spiced Lamb ala Dagwood.

by Harvey Gold 04.25.2011

So…it’s the day after Easter and one look in the fridge triggers the question “What do we do with those slices of leftover roast lamb?” Reheating the slices will just dry it out. Here at the home of the Your Beer Network, Harvey announces that he has a yen for Akron’s own Thirsty Dog Brewing […]

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HOLIDAY WEEK CONVERSATION: Liver, Cigars & Serious Bathroom Talk

by Harvey Gold 04.23.2011

A conversation that could have happened on our YBN facebook page. So what have you been indulging in during this holiday week/weekend? Being Jewish w. a gentile wife and family, I’m hitting the indulgence button ALL week. ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE: Happy Easter Weekend. I ate so much chopped liver Monday, I died, was revived […]

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ON AND OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: To Savannah and Beyond…

by David Daugherty 04.16.2011

It was hard leaving Florida.  We met with old friends and made new friends, the talented Jeff Howell was a delightful guy and entertainer. Pam showed me a great time and obviously, Cricketers was first-rate, just as she had described it.  Judy and I had fun in Daytona Beach and Orlando.  As much as we […]

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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Sleepover in Savannah

by Harvey Gold 04.15.2011

Coming home from Florida, our first stop was also Savannah, because we LOVE Savannah. What serves as unbearable heat, humidity and stickiness in other parts of the south is described by us as “sultry” in Savannah. You get the picture. We landed at one of our favorite hotels, The Hilton DeSoto : ” Built in […]

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CHICAGO BEAT+BEER CLINIC team up for a Beer+Bacon Crawl

by Paul Ciminero - Dr. Carol Westbrook 04.08.2011

The Object: to visit three to four Chicago pubs where the food specialty is cured pork products, tasting the food and accompanying beers. The Results: our correspondents review 17 beers and accompanying foods in 2 pubs, 1 gastro-pub, and 1 brewpub. Throw objectivity out the window when pub crawling. Bring a defibrillator for this pork […]

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