May 2011

ON & OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: Superstition Saloon—Tortilla Flat, Apache Trail

by David Daugherty 05.30.2011

The next trip was to visit a place in Tortilla Flat called Superstition Saloon. I had been there a couple years earlier when the Hippie and I took my sons and daughter-in-law out boating on Canyon Lake. After tubing and swimming, the Hippie asked us if we wanted to grab some lunch at Dollar Bill’s. […]

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FROM THE YBN EDITOR’S DESK :: A quick -Diabolical- one

by Harvey Gold 05.27.2011

North Peak Brewing Company’s Diabolical IPA is simply delicious. I know this is an unusual way to come out of the box, but there it is. Opened it to accompany Chinese Garlic Chicken, what turned out to be a rather mild dish with white meat chicken sautéed with green pepper, and onion in, as noted, […]

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FROM THE YBN EDITOR’S DESK : Another quick one – Rogue Goes Organic…

by Harvey Gold 05.23.2011

… or maybe Organic Goes Rogue Remember, yours truly may or may not know what he’s talking about, but since we first started this site, I’ve sampled and talked about a lot of different beers, often trying to aid my continuing education by discussing what I’m tasting with more experienced brew drinkers. So maybe I’m […]

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FROM THE YBN EDITOR’S DESK :: A good meal, a great conversation, a fascinating beer.

by Harvey Gold 05.12.2011

Maybe my favorite thing about Dave’s  “On and Off the Beaten Path” is when he writes about a place that can’t be described in exotic terms, no culinary magic outside a well executed plate, no off the beaten path craft brews or bourbons to write about… but was warm, welcoming, and by the end of […]

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CHICAGO BEAT+BEER CLINIC :: Beer & Bacon Crawl, Part Deux

by Paul Ciminero - Dr. Carol Westbrook 05.09.2011

Paddy Long’s Not far from the DePaul University campus, in a neighborhood filled with typical Chicago Irish pubs frequented by DePaul alumni, Paddy Long’s stands out. It is a revamped neighborhood pub that is riding the wave of Chicago’s current Bacon with Beer obsession. Entering the front door, the first things you notice are the […]

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