June 2011


by David Daugherty 06.30.2011

Call it what you will: watered down, skunky, awful, your grandfathers beer, or just plain yuck! I call it beer and yes, THAT kind of beer has been around here in America since before your great-great-great-grandfather. Now whenever I go visit my brother, a beer run is usually involved. We have the usual conversation, him […]

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A QUICK ONE :: Going Undercover with Lagunitas

by David Daugherty 06.27.2011

Ever take a look at the description of a beer on the label and ask yourself, “There has to be something behind this?”  That’s what I thought when I picked up a bottle of Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale.  Let’s start off with the particulars of this American Strong Ale and we’ll finish it up […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Craft Beer + Success = Successful Craft Brewers?

by Harvey Gold 06.24.2011

There’s all this talk about BIG DISTRO BREWERIES buying up our favorite regional Craft Brewers. There’s also the question of what happens when a fine craft brewer grows “TOO BIG.” What exactly is too big? I have a history as a musician and music lover, and we always run into the FAN pathology where we […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Part 2 — Why does beer make me fat if the calories are so low?

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 06.22.2011

In the previous blog, we discussed how beer has a lot fewer calories than you think. So why do so many people get fat drinking beer? Let’s take a closer look at beer as a food. The nutritional components of beer come from malt (see, YourBeerNetwork, 3/15/2011, The Beer Clinic: The Beer Doctor Makes a […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Part 1 — Does Beer Make You Fat?

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 06.21.2011

I’ve heard it time and time again — Beer makes you fat. Beer gives you a beer belly. Don’t drink it. We’ve already established that beer is good for you (see, YourBeerNetwork, 1/19/2011, The Beer Clinic: The Health Effects of Beer) but does it really make you fat? It was time to put my biochemistry […]

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ON AND OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: Biltmore Estate, Asheville NC

by David Daugherty 06.20.2011

…and celebrating 25 years Ed.: Sometimes work gets in the way of work. We seem to be jumping around chronologically with this column. In following Dave’s initial travels, we started ‘way back when’ and follow his trail chronologically. We’ve interrupted this tale with our YBN road trip this Spring. Since that series, we returned with […]

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PIC OF THE DAY :: Craft Brew Summit

by admin 06.19.2011

…or Good Food, Good Beer, Good Cheer! A spontaneous gathering last week at The Beer Engine, Buckeye Brewing’s beer pub. From left: Web Mistress/Editor Dolli Gold; Editor-in-Chief Harvey Gold; from BEERdinner and the in-development “The Greg Show,” Chef Greg Tushar; The Beer Clinic’s Dr. Carol Westbrook; and YBN’s resident Forensic Engineer Rick Rikoski. Dr. Carol and […]

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TOP 20 BEERS :: YBN’s Spring Send-Off

by Harvey Gold - Dave Daugherty 06.19.2011

This is it, folks!! The opinions you’ve all been waiting for. Now you’ll not need to even THINK about what to buy for your fridge to prove you’re a Discriminating Beer Enthusiast (DBE). WE DID ALL THE WORK AND SACRIFICE FOR YOU!!! We were updating the list of beers we’ve paired, reviewed, and mentioned critically, […]

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DAVE SPEAKS :: Superstition Saloon

by YourBeerNetwork Videos 06.19.2011

Dave chats about Superstition Saloon, located in Tortilla Flat, Arizona. Many thanks to the YBN “Dave Speaks” Video Team: Francisco Escobar, Director of Photography/Editor — http://www.freskoimageworks.com/ Eugene Malkin, Gaffer/Grip — http://www.coyoteinternational.com Next up: Louisville Inn!

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Onward Through the Fog :: Just Ran Outta Gas

by Matt Anthony 06.18.2011

    Ed Note: we’re pleased to reprint an entry from guest columnist Matt Anthony’s blog, “Onward Through the Fog.” Matt is an occasional home-brewer/baseball freak/voice-artist/craft beer fan and we look forward to featuring more of his writing as YBN continues to grow. Welcome Matt! Just Ran Outta Gas I ripped off my throwback Cavaliers […]

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