Tuesday, July 26, 2011

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: a Shot and a Beer

by Harvey Gold 07.26.2011

Patron Silver and Sierra Nevada Best of Beer Camp # 29  Ghidora Double IPA. We’ve enjoyed exploring the notion that the citrus and cut of bitter from the hops in an IPA can serve the same purpose as lemon and salt do in the customary tequila shot. Along these lines, we’ve tried such pairings with […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Top 10 Beers, minus 1

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 07.26.2011

I really wanted to taste Left Hand Brewing’s “400 Pound Monkey” but they ran out today at the restaurant. It’s very popular here—off the beaten path—in Madison, Indiana, where I am spending three days pinch-hitting for the local oncologist. Kentucky Ale is their local brew. But…Monkey is their most popular. I’m sure I would like […]

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