August 2011


by Dr. Carol Westbrook 08.31.2011

Ed. The following delightful piece from our Beer Doctor, Carol Westbrook, in which Carol thinks and drinks her way to a decision as to what to serve at a beach birthday party, was written and submitted on August 4th. Because of a wealth of pieces waiting to go up on the site, we are just […]

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by Harvey Gold 08.26.2011

Today, as we anticipate Hurricane Irene hitting the east coast, is, coincidentally, Women’s Equality Day. We at YBN want to gratefully acknowledge this day by way of a link to the New School’s profile of a woman truly influential in the Craft Brewing World, and founder of the Pink Boots Society, Teri Fahrendorf. Happy W.E.D. to everyone. […]

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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Harv & Dave’s Big Mini-Session

by Harvey Gold - Dave Daugherty 08.25.2011

A lot of traveling has been taking place here at YBN, so when Dave and I got together last week to hang and taste, having been quite a while since our last get together, it made for an occasion. After a hearty lunch at a local haunt, Gasoline Alley, Dave going the corned beef route, […]

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ON AND OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: Stone Brewing Company

by David Daugherty 08.19.2011

  When I think about the significance of the use of hops in beer, not only for preserving beer but for taste, aroma and character, Stone Brewing always comes to the top of my beer chain. I started drinking Stone when it was a fairly new name on the market. My first was Stone Pale Ale, and […]

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THE CHICAGO BEAT :: Hot Dog!! Wiener Wars – A Chicago Story

by Paul Ciminero 08.18.2011

As a battle begins to take shape in court between Oscar Meyer and Ball Park Franks over false advertising in a $2.1 billion hot dog industry, I decided to weigh in on one of Chicago’s favorite passions (and mine as well)…the hot dog. As quintessential as the corner tavern is to beer in this fair […]

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by admin 08.17.2011

COURTESY OF THE AKRON LEAGUE OF ROCKETRY Special thanks to Nicholas K. Single Malt Space Explorations, LLC

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BEER CLINIC:: Our Local Bars

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 08.15.2011

It’s fun to discover a good bar in an out-of-the way place. Quaint, charming, great to visit once. But what if you actually have to live off the beaten path? How in the world do you find a good place for a beer? Let me explain. When I took a job as a doctor in […]

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Q&A with THE BEER DOCTOR – Home Brewing Edition

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 08.14.2011

Q.  Do you know anything about this process? I read; cereal containing certain sugars will undergo something called, spontaneous fermentation that is caused by wild yeasts floating in the air, if stored in certain kinds of containers for a long period of time , it will produce a beer-like drink. Next question: Are they referring […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: International Beer Day, International IPA Long Weekend in Review

by Harvey Gold 08.09.2011

…or 19 different beers, 2 single malts and a couple shots of …  Looking at the numbers,  all our readers, all the impressions on our facebook page and this website,  we expected our peeps to come out more in force for our requested reports on what everyone drank for International Beer Day and our imaginary […]

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by David Daugherty 08.07.2011

Ed.: Jumping, once again, out of sequence in Dave’s travels through the west, we present a recent adventure near his boyhood home. Northeast Ohio has gone through a great deal of changes since I left in the late 1970’s.  I grew up in Youngstown Ohio, and seeing the city and surrounding areas as they are […]

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