November 2011

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Yeah, we had a few for the Holiday, and Here They Are!

by Harvey Gold 11.28.2011

Every holiday offers opportunities to eat, drink and then talk about what you ate, drank and/or the aftermath. So for this nice long Thanksgiving weekend… we’ll start: YBN East went to relatives on T-Day. Our host, my son-in-law, is the fellow who placed a cup with “Beer R&D” written on it atop our Beer Fridge […]

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by David Daugherty 11.23.2011

Sonoran 200!! I write that with an exclamation mark to emphasize everything that this ale has to offer. The bottle not only looks cool, it’s so cool it beckons you to buy it. Once done, you have to ponder how you want to drink this monster of a beer! First, let me explain how I […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Forget the Pairing! Let’s Talk Beer….

by Harvey Gold 11.20.2011

… and then the food came! Over the weekend we celebrated the 4th anniversary of a favorite restaurant/watering hole, The Lockview. This is the same place where we covered a great Founders Beer Dinner last month. We were, by necessity, in and out early, missing our pal DJing, but while waiting for our table, we […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: “Eat ! Eat! Eat! You’re getting skinny!”

by Harvey Gold 11.17.2011

Cracked open a bottle of He’Brew Messiah Bold we picked up at Corky and Lenny’s along with the Matzah Ball soup, whitefish salad and the rest of our goodies to go. Reading the label, it’s a “Rich and Robust Dark Brown Ale.” Messiah Bold poured pitch black. Held up against the light you could barely make […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Alcohol, Part 2—Some Sobering Thoughts

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 11.11.2011

Up ’til now we’ve been singing the praises of beer. But as you know, drinking has its dark side. Picture the lovable old drunk. He’s sitting at the bar, sipping his beer, telling funny stories that he seems to be making up as he goes along. His speech is a bit slurred, eyes shaky, and […]

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by David Daugherty 11.07.2011

For a variety of reasons, one big one the state of my joints – the knee joints in particular –  I’ve moved back to Arizona from Ohio. One of the upsides will be the dry heat (yup, it’s true) and the consistency of weather and barometrics. The other will be having a completely different locale […]

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