December 2011

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: 2012’s Final Ring Out!

by Harvey Gold 12.29.2011

OK then, the pieces offered on the home page, as it now stands, cover around 15 beers (and a few bourbons) , most , but not all, cold weather offerings. We hope this proves useful as you move to fill up the New Years Eve fridge… and beyond. A new faves list will be coming […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Wintering on the North Coast – The List Continues…

by Harvey Gold 12.21.2011

OK, it’s no Winter Wonderland at present –  unseasonably warm. So one  of these beers we sessioned up with is a year round, and being a Brown American Ale does NOT always qualify a brew as a “Winter Warmer,” BUT this is what we grabbed and this is what we drank. No lemon or orange […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Why I drink bourbon, not beer, in Southern Indiana

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 12.19.2011

The Beer Doctor December, 2011 I was recently posted to Madison, IN for two weeks, filling in for a local doctor. It’s a small town in southern Indiana, just across the Ohio River from Kentucky.  Madison is a unique place.  In the 1800’s it was the busiest riverboat town on the river — until the […]

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HOLIDAY BEERS PART 1 :: Here we go!!!

by David Daugherty 12.15.2011

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching and as is customary, I celebrate with various holiday beers.  This year has been no exception, luckily the Christmas beers found their way to the shelves a little earlier than usual so I got a jump start on it.  So here we go: The first holiday beer of the […]

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ON AND OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: A Little Something From the Desert

by David Daugherty 12.06.2011

I was in the mood for something a little different, so I went to Papago Brewing in Scottsdale, my go-to source for beer. It has a constantly rotating beer selection of 32 beers on tap, so I’m never disappointed. This day was no exception. After looking at the list, I went with Widmer Brothers Rotator […]

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ON & OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: The Road to Scottsdale AZ

by David Daugherty 12.05.2011

Before going to Scottsdale, I spent a couple days getting in shape by visiting some of my favorite old haunts. These were places I came to favor; I’m including them here should you ever have the occasion to be around and are looking for a place to stop for a bite and a beer. The […]

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