January 2012

THE NEW KID :: All Beers are NOT created equal…

by admin 01.19.2012

Hello, my name is Trevor White. I’m 27 years old and I like good beer. This wasn’t always the case. In fact, up until about 2008 a good beer could have walked up to me, kicked me in the mouth, shouted a litany of expletives concerning my parentage, and gone on its merry way without […]

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BREAKING NEWS :: A Late Night Visit -Fabulous Friends/ Fabulous Stout

by Harvey Gold 01.17.2012

11:45PM Monday 1/16/12 Weird, At around 10:00PM, the lights of  a car pull into our drive and there comes a knock on the door. It turns out, much to our delight, to be a family of three friends of ours returning home from a visit to the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s tasting room. These crazy sweet […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Bottle vs Tap – A Tale of 3 Beers

by Harvey Gold 01.16.2012

Conventional wisdom tells us that a properly drawn brew is pretty much always preferable to the same concoction poured from a bottle. I get it, there are reasons why, based on how carbonation works for tapped beer and what may or may not be added to the recipe to achieve the desired bubbles in a […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Attack of the KILLER BRUNCHWICH… with a chaser!

by Harvey Gold 01.15.2012

Editor’s Note:  We have a couple pieces from OTHER people coming up this week, but this just happened and I had to share – Harvey I had a craving last night for a nice shot of Patron Silver. I’m not a lemon and salt guy, so I generally just drink it straight and solo, which […]

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ON AND OFF THE BEATEN PATH :: The Last Of the Holiday Beers 2011… almost

by David Daugherty 01.12.2012

The holidays are over, the decorations are gone and life continues after a great season of giving and sharing.  During the holiday, we experienced some excellent winter brews, so I thought I would give you three more I enjoyed with friends and family between Christmas and New Years Eve 2011.  This is the last of […]

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by Harvey Gold - Dave Daugherty 01.11.2012

It’s been a year now—about 16,000 visits and over 260 beers reviewed and paired since YBN first went live. We want to offer up a toast to everyone who has joined in the fun as contributors of blogs, ideas, and comments…also, to our pals who elbow up to the bar with us, cock an eyebrow, and […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Xingu and Kibbie! Rio Meets Beirut!

by Harvey Gold 01.10.2012

I originally tasted Xingu Black Beer at a Brazilian Tapas restaurant a year or so ago. This was earlier in my discovery period and I found it to be unique and interesting, mainly based on my prior experience with dark and black brews as big ales and stouts, certainly not lighter weighted lagers. When shopping over […]

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by admin 01.03.2012

The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Beer Drinking Song

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