February 2012

CHICAGO BEAT :: BYOB – Endless Choices From Chicago’s Food Scene – Part One

by Paul Ciminero 02.25.2012

It used to be if you wanted to attend a dinner at a “three star” restaurant in Chicago, you’d get out the mortgage papers and prepare to sign over the house or it’s possessions for an extraordinary meal. Forget the $130 10-course prefix menu, tax and tip not included. By the time you added beer, […]

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BACK TO THE BEERS :: Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale

by David Daugherty 02.19.2012

OK, before I get started here I must clarify a couple things. – I don’t seek out “novelty” beers.  Even though this one has the looks and the name of one, it’s far from it.  I believe that there are so many craft brewers putting out amazing product that the pressure to come up with […]

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CHICAGO BEAT :: Neighborhood Taverns Drying Up Across Chicago by Judy Keen

by admin 02.18.2012

via Gannett News Service What used to be Johnnie’s Lounge at 3425 N. Lincoln is empty now, though a fading Hamm’s Beer sign still hangs over its locked door. Paulie’s Place at 1750 S. Union is vacant. So is the spot once occupied by MaxTavern at 2856 N. Racine. Neighborhood taverns, which for generations were […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: It’s Florida Time!!

by Harvey Gold 02.17.2012

Arrived in Okeechobee, a source of craft beer frustration on previous visits. Still haven’t found, as of yet, any local craft brew. I know, or rather hope, we’ll hear from our facebook and Twitter pal, Beer in Florida with some notes for us, and we’ll look harder. The good news, however, is that when visiting the […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Grammy Night Adventures

by Harvey Gold 02.14.2012

A couple well known brewers in Northern Ohio that have a pretty high profile in these parts are Great Lakes Brewing  out of Cleveland, and Thirsty Dog in downtown Akron. Both are brewing some fabulous beers. But there’s a third, located on the fringes of Greater Akron near the southern border of Summit County. They […]

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IN THE NEWS… and a couple Brews

by Harvey Gold 02.08.2012

    Had a GREAT couple hours hanging with writer Rick Armon, from the Akron Beacon Journal, commander of the blog, Ohio Breweries, and the book of the same name. We didn’t drink any beer, Rick nursing a cold, and we recovering from an …                       […]

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BEER CLINIC:: Doctor Beer or…

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 02.02.2012

…Beer and the Doctor Alcoholic beverages have been a part of our human lives since the beginning of civilization, when we first learned to cultivate grains.  Shortly thereafter we learned how to ferment grain into alcohol. The art of medicine probably began at the same time, when we learned how to care for the sick, […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Doctor Beer Partie Deux

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 02.01.2012

The blood of a brave soldier After I finished my MD, PhD, and Oncology training, I joined the faculty at the University of Chicago.  I continued my cancer research with a group of scientists who specialized in cancer genetics. We had found a new, rare form of leukemia among the samples that were sent to […]

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