April 2012


by David Daugherty 04.23.2012

Yes, from the same Rogue that brought you Dead Guy Ale and others we have written about here, Dead Guy Whiskey is distilled from the sweet wort of Dead Guy Ale and uses C-15, Rogue Micro Farm Dare and Risk malts.  Rounding it off are Free Range Coastal Water and Distiller’s Yeast.  The process to create the whiskey […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Recommended – Victory Hop Wallop

by Harvey Gold 04.18.2012

I recently wrote, refering to offerings from Thirsty Dog and Hoppin’ Frog, that it’s not so often we run into a really different IPA… something they have both, notably, accomplished! Victory’s Hop Wallop isn’t one of them, but is a terrific brew in that it joins the not-as-long-as-we’d-all-like list of big Imperial IPAs that really […]

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by David Daugherty 04.17.2012

Since moving back out west, I don’t get very much mail out here so imagine my surprise when I found a box sitting at my front door.  Total surprise, I hadn’t ordered anything and it’s not my birthday yet.  So I was pretty excited when I opened the box to find… BEER!  Yes, BEER!  FROM […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK:: Stout Night – Cold Weather Close Out

by Harvey Gold 04.15.2012

This isn’t to say Stouts are only for cold weather, but they DO represent something big and warming to be drunk in front of a fire, and as we head towards our YBN’s Top 19 x 2 Spring roll out in the next week, we see this as a fond adieu, not to stout, but […]

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by Harvey Gold 04.09.2012

OK, this has NOTHING to do with beer and food. The closest we come is having an Aberlour 10 on the table. But this is kind of sticky, funny stuff that not too many people have seen thus far and we thought we might share. We at YBN had nothing to do with the production, […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Late to the Party but Glad to be Here – Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

by Harvey Gold 04.06.2012

As a relative grade schooler on an advanced track when we started this YBN effort—by now maybe qualifying as a middle schooler—every now and then I have a revelatory moment. The most recent had to do with finding something of an understanding of the factors leading to so many folks drinking low alcohol, mass produced, […]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK :: 34 Brew Pubs in One Day

by admin 04.04.2012

About 2 years ago, hard working John Lovegrove, a sturdy New Zealander living up in Portland, Oregon, took on all the brew pubs listed in town… in one day. In a couple weeks he’ll go for the new number, 50. Here’s a mostly viewable document of his experience.

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THE NEW KID :: Adventures in Disaster – or – My First Home Brew

by admin 04.02.2012

By Trevor White Preferred Listening: Clutch — From Beale Street to Oblivion I tried my hand at home brewing about 2 months ago and, as it turned out, my hand was doing something else at the time. I had purchased the kit needed to make a Belgian Dubble from the Grape and Grainary in Akron […]

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PIC OF THE DAY :: Blatz is the Best for the Young Mother, dontcha know.

by Paul Ciminero 04.02.2012
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A “DELIGHTED TO WRITE THIS” QUICKY :: Deschutes Brewery Hop Henge Experimental IPA

by David Daugherty 04.01.2012

Living here in the Southwest so far has been great and one of the best things about it is having such a huge selection of regionally distributed craft beer that I couldn’t get out east. Deschutes Brewery, out of Bend Oregon, is one that has come up on my radar since I’ve been out here! […]

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