May 2012

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: A Saturday (and a Sunday call back) in Amsterdam

by Harvey Gold 05.22.2012

I’m not wasting valuable eating, drinking, or foreign immersion time writing this, as we’re on the Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris. A little over three hours, we’ll travel through Belgium with no stops, so I’ll frequently look out the windows and should I see anything really interesting, like the ruins of castles and other structures […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: “Is this Heaven?” “No, it’s Holland.”

by Harvey Gold 05.18.2012

Well it’s not Iowa, that’s for sure. Arriving in Edam, The Netherlands, we stayed and played at Pension de Harmonie, a lovely B&B, with a terrific chef, John, on the nights dinner is offered, and a great bar run by Siem Kees Slegt, a guitarist in his own right,  playing in an R&B band, his […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Dare beer’s good in deh Valley, heynit?

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 05.13.2012

Translation:  Their beer is  good in the Wyoming Valley, isn’t it? Confused?  We were speaking “Heyna,” the local dialect here in the anthracite coal country of Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA). The valley we are referring to is the Wyoming Valley of the great Susquehanna River, as it winds it way between the Poconos and Appalachian Mountains. […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK:: A Micro Mini Review – Mendocino Imperial IPA

by Harvey Gold 05.07.2012

After a few hours of moving furniture up and down steps and in and out of a truck, a long hot shower and a couple Sudafeds (allergy alert EVERYWHERE!) later, Chef Joe brought us a bottle of Mendocino Brewing’s Imperial IPA. After 30 years living in London, Joe is more a malt than hop guy […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Thirsty in Manhattan

by Harvey Gold 05.02.2012

Saturday afternoon on the West Side. Staying in Chelsea last weekend, we took a walk west on 23rd to the High Line, the fabulous and fun walkway following the old High Line elevated freight line in Manhattan. Turned into a creative walkway and public space, as it wends along, sometimes through and under buildings, the High […]

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