July 2012

PIC OF THE WEEK :: Do the Math

by Harvey Gold 07.25.2012
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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Harv’s Burger Bucket List, two Scottish Ales, AND an Imperial IPA!

by Harvey Gold - Dave Daugherty 07.20.2012

The other day, while thinking I was heading toward some sort of pictorial on local hookers , titled I believe “Akron’s Queens of the Devil Strip”, I found myself, sans such an article, on a site called Akronlife.com. To my delight, the first thing I spied was a piece on Great Burgers in the area. […]

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CHEF JOE :: Italian Carnival, Sausage and a Black IPA named ‘Conqueror’

by admin 07.15.2012

Breaking News: Dateline London (via text): Im reporting from an Italian Carnival following a religious procession for the Lady of Mt. Carmel. Real Italian stuff (Ed. which Chef Joe should know, fathered by a true and pure Sicilian). Washing down a Calabrese sausage with a delicious black IPA called Windsor’s & Eton’s Conqueror Black IPA. […]

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Summertime! :: Touring Sam Adams Summer Sampler

by David Daugherty 07.15.2012

As I write this, today will not only be one of the hottest days of the year here in NE Ohio but we may break a record.  I just passed a bank, while running some errands and the thermometer on the side read 99 degrees! With 51% humidity, I’m ready to go back to the desert.  […]

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THE CHICAGO BEAT :: BYOB – Endless Choices from Chicago’s Food Scene Part 2

by Paul Ciminero 07.02.2012

The food scene in Chicago has evolved over the past decade to include award winning, internationally acclaimed restaurants sprouting up with no liquor licenses, hence bringing the concept of BYOB to a whole new level. As mentioned in Part One, there are three “Top Dogs” that fit into that category; Schwa, Goosefoot, and Ruxbin Kitchen.  […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Whottaburger!!!!

by Harvey Gold 07.02.2012

This wasn’t planned! Had to run downtown to the courthouse for something and figured we’d stop at a favorite watering hole we’ve had in posts here and our facebook page frequently, The Lockview. I mean I wasn’t even drinking! Black coffee it was. Today there were no daily specials, just a $5 per menu item […]

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