Sunday, July 15, 2012

CHEF JOE :: Italian Carnival, Sausage and a Black IPA named ‘Conqueror’

by admin 07.15.2012

Breaking News: Dateline London (via text): Im reporting from an Italian Carnival following a religious procession for the Lady of Mt. Carmel. Real Italian stuff (Ed. which Chef Joe should know, fathered by a true and pure Sicilian). Washing down a Calabrese sausage with a delicious black IPA called Windsor’s & Eton’s Conqueror Black IPA. […]

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Summertime! :: Touring Sam Adams Summer Sampler

by David Daugherty 07.15.2012

As I write this, today will not only be one of the hottest days of the year here in NE Ohio but we may break a record.  I just passed a bank, while running some errands and the thermometer on the side read 99 degrees! With 51% humidity, I’m ready to go back to the desert.  […]

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