October 2012

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Florida Vacation Pt. 2 (or so)… Cigar City IPA and Cigars!

by Harvey Gold 10.31.2012

EIGHT MONTHS LATER As we prepare to head back up north now that we know West Virginia with it’s three feet of October snow is passable…We’re baaaaaack! In Part 1, we discussed how the heat and the drinking culture of the south lead to the popularity of low ABV, affordable, mass produced lighter beers. We […]

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BEER CLINIC SOS :: Emergency Hurricane Bottling of Home Brewed IPA

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 10.28.2012

The Beer Doctor Says… I bottled my homebrew IPA yesterday. Provisions for Hurricane Sandy. Ninety bottles of “Glen Arbor IPA” made with Glen Arbor Cascade hops (also Apollo and Liberty hops). If we run out of food or water, we can always drink beer.    

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Stone Collaboration Beers…Nirvana? I’m Thinking Yes!

by David Daugherty 10.25.2012

I stumbled across my first collaboration beer during Cleveland Beer Week a couple years ago. It’s called Saison Du Buff and still my all time favorite collaboration.  Already a fan of many of their beers, I was impressed to hear that Stone (Escondido, CA) was getting together with breweries all over the country to collaborate on brewing a […]

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PIC OF THE DAY :: As Mom Used to Say….

by admin 10.09.2012
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GUEST POST :: Best Beers to Try While Traveling in Europe

by admin 10.04.2012

Ed. This is a bit of a Europe 101 from a blogger associated with Micro Matic, a manufacturer/distributor of draft beer equipment and accesories. This could be construed as an ad, except the ONLY thing received by YBN by way of this post is simply that: what might be useful, entertaining content. So we post, […]

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