November 2012

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: A Couple Bargain Brews From Trader Joe’s… or Whoever the Hell You Are!!

by Harvey Gold 11.27.2012

Every now and then we’ll try an offering from Trader Joe’s. It’s a cool concept store. Good prices, creative in their labeling and marketing, eclectic in what they shelve, always making us want to give them the bidness, if not on principal alone, as an homage to their brilliant Wasabi Mayo, great Cherry Preserves, and […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Moonlight, Music, and a Glass of…Beer

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 11.06.2012

It’s Opera Season! For some, Fall means football…a new TV season…Halloween…pumpkin ales. But it’s also the start of the opera season. I am a big fan of opera. I enjoy the performances with their extravagant sets and costumes, I love the melodrama, which brings tears to my eye, I love the bigger-than-life opera superstars. But […]

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