December 2012

BEST STOUT I EVER TASTED + 53 Beers to Consider for New Years Eve

by Harvey Gold - Dave Daugherty 12.26.2012

Welcome to our last new post (we think) of 2012. We thought it might be helpful to re-publish our Top 19×2 plus honorable mentions list from this past August for reference as you head out to shop for  New Years Eve. It doesn’t contain, obviously, this year’s seasonal warmers, but still… if it helps, run […]

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A QUICK PIC, POST SNOWFALL :: Highland Park and a Honduran/Brazilian Baby Stogie

by Harvey Gold 12.23.2012

I don’t smoke in the house, but with the wife sick, a lovely beef brisket in the oven, and a fair day of activity, I decided to take the pooches outside and have a quick smoke with a tasty bev to go with. So in this beautiful setting (gotta love the cigar butt, snow topped […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Pils Noir Ice Cream – a taste of Malt and Barley

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 12.18.2012

The Susquehanna Brewing Company is a relatively new local brewery. Though a small brewery, they’re beginning to get national attention for their sustainable brewing practices–not to mention their excellent beers.  They give an excellent tour — all you can taste on draft — and also a fine introduction to the ingredients of beer. On a recent brewery […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale & Our Best Burger Bucket List Pt.2

by Harvey Gold 12.17.2012

Yet another recent pairing, inviting our daughter, son-in-law and 1 year old, Leon Henry, to a late lunch, we opted for a nice local hangout, Pub Bricco. A while back I started after a bucket list compiled by Aaron Fowler, what he deigned the “Great Burgers” in the Akron, OH area. My first piece […]

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PICS OF THE DAY :: A Great Beer Recipe & Some Great Music

by admin 12.11.2012

Here we have a pic of our pal down in Tampa, the legendary “Lounge” Laura Taylor, host of Surface Noise on WMNF. A swell Greg Shaw Garage Band Classic Cool Dame (and “Dame” is, without question, the operable word here), tune in and contribute if/when you can: She’s pictured here with a BIG home […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Pairing a Great Beer and a Fine Cigar – Trappist Rochefort 10 and the Tatuaje Petite Havana Cazadores

by Harvey Gold - Dave Daugherty 12.10.2012

Here at YBN we love to pair beer with food, spirits, and cigars. We also post a blog, Thrift Store Records/Cheap Red  Wine, and as evidenced recently at our Beer Clinic, we even pair beer with Arias. This one involved a trip to a new favorite haunt, written about here recently, Havana House. Dave in town, […]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK :: Charles Smith Boom Boom, Viaje Cigars, & The Mikkeller Beer Group

by admin 12.02.2012

We’ve recently written about Havana House, a small chain of awesome emporiums home based in Warren, Ohio. Sporting a great cigar selection, a terrific wine stock, and cooler after cooler of great beer, our next short review piece from Harv and Dave will actually emanate from there, and we’ll be announcing, very soon, the opening […]

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