June 2013

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Goose Island’s 25th and Thirsty Dog’s Citra and Rail Dogs

by Harvey Gold 06.27.2013

Cutting directly to the chase: Tried the Goose Island 25th Anniversary Extra Special Bitter. Mild malty nose, promising a mild everything as I had to adjust to in Europe, but not to be. First, it’s got a 6.5% ABV, so more jet fueled than European Bitters. The head was nice, lacing minimal. A rich mouthfeel, […]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK :: Illusione, Great Lakes, and Orin Swift Wines.

by admin 06.25.2013

We’ve been getting some great recommendations from Tony and Matt, the Illusione Epernay a real home run here. We’re catching up again, as these guys simply can’t stop yacking, so today and then, hopefully, yet another one will pop up no later than the weekend. Enjoy da boyz!

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A KICK IN THE CAN :: Great Beer Here as the Can Conversation Continues

by David Daugherty 06.13.2013

Think your craft beer has to be in a bottle?  Think again.  There is a lot of talk going around,  some of it documented on this site and our YBN facebook page, about craft beer in cans.  It’s been argued about, praised, and even dogged, but what do we really know about cans today? Well, […]

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by admin 06.03.2013

We know we’ve been postng a lot of videos recently, but the key here is that we’ve been posting a lot of smart, well made videos recently! This is a terrific one, passed along by Gold Teleproductions partner Dan Epstein. Enjoy!

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