September 2013

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Boutique Beer—The Code of the Craftbeerman

by Harvey Gold 09.30.2013

Years ago, I had the privilege of shooting an interview with the great Harry Dean Stanton. Surprisingly, it was one of the most boring interviews I ever worked on. But once the camera stopped rolling, he just hung with us crew members for a while. Now THIS was brilliantly interesting. He sang a cappella—just to […]

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THE EDITOR’S DESK :: A Quickie From Oahu and Kona Brewing

by Harvey Gold 09.20.2013

We spent about 24 hours traveling to Hawaii. After checking in, before passing out, we went to the (where else?) pool bar for the traditional initiation of island Mai Tais… and THEN we passed out. Today, at lunch we took it a little further. The Missus had a “real” (fresh pineapple juice) Blue Hawaii and I, […]

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DAVE & HARV :: Two Belgians (the beers, that is) – A Mixed Bag

by Harvey Gold - Dave Daugherty 09.06.2013

It’s been a bit since our last post.  First, my computer crashed, then the pump on our well died (still going to a friend’s to fill jugs and shower. Beer has been useful beyond the norm during this period), and finally caught up with a quick minute to offer up a couple recent tasting experiences: […]

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