January 2014

BEER CLINIC :: Oscar Pairings

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 01.22.2014

The Academy Awards 2014 nominations for best picture were announced a couple weeks ago. I am trying to see all of them before the winners are announced at the Oscar ceremony on March 2. So far I have seen almost all of them, accompanied by popcorn and a coke. They are all so good that […]

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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK:: Mixed Nuts with Mixed Reviews for Uinta and Heavy Seas

by Harvey Gold 01.14.2014

There’ve been a myriad of reasons why we’ve had fewer postings recently, but suffice it to say, we’re waiting for a couple, and just put up 3 in the last week or so, even if a couple were on the short… but sweet side. Anyway, in an effort to provide you with more content, avoiding […]

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