May 2014

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: A quickie – Domaine DuPage, Lively & Alive

by Harvey Gold 05.26.2014

At the end of a very physically active holiday weekend, a little dehydrated from all the play and salty BBQ foods, I sat down with a nice Ashton Esquire, a Dominican purito, and a 12 oz. bottle of Domaine DuPage from Two Brothers Brewing, a French Country Ale, at 5.9% ABV. It poured a medium […]

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by Dr. Carol Westbrook 05.23.2014

You will recall from Part I that I decided to home-brew an ultra-hoppy double IPA, inspired by a Christmas gift of Cascade hops. In the previous article, Part I of the Hops project, I reviewed the varieties and chemistry of brewing hops. At that point I had enough background information to ask a few brewing […]

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BEER CLINIC :: The Hops Project Pt 1

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 05.06.2014

Ed. This is a 2 part piece about a super hop IPA brewed by our Beer Doctor, Carol Westbrook. Look for the second part in a couple days The hops project began at Christmas, when I was given a 1-pound bag of Cascade hop pellets, ready for brewing. The hops were harvested in the fall of […]

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HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO :: Mexican Craft Beer

by Harvey Gold 05.05.2014

In our house, we have a passionate, if secular, relationship with colorful, south of the border religious icons. Día de Muertos, Our Lady of Guadalupe… even the “Drug Saint,” Jesus Malverde, are all represented here in the form of pictures, mirrors, statuettes, dioramas and fiber optics. We’ve even paid a couple visits to the famous […]

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