June 2014

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Truth, Justice, and the American Ale

by Harvey Gold 06.05.2014

Had this great, multi purposed funfest recently, attending Comic Book Heritage Night at the Great Lakes Brewing Tasting Room , sponsored by the brewery and Carol & John’s Comic Shop. There were about 100 interesting folks to rub shoulders with, a gaggle of artists, known as the Rust Belt Monster Collective  in attendance, a line of them […]

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GUEST POST :: Pasteurization in Brewing, The Conversation Continues – Jaime Jurado

by admin 06.03.2014

One of our more visited posts is titled  Pasteurization in Brewing 101, featuring some thoughts and valued information from Mark Phipps, Technical Director at Alltech Brewing & Distilling Company, widely known as  the brewer of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.  Recently, as a follow up, we received a question from a reader asking about the whys and wherefores of the temperature at which beer […]

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