August 2014

BEER CLINIC :: Old Friends and New Beers, from Local to Global

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 08.30.2014

This summer we visited two of our old friends in the Midwest: Constant Springs, in Goshen, IN, and The Map Room, in Chicago. Back when I lived full time in the Midwest, we were regulars at both of these bars; now, as tourists we visited with high expectations–and we were not disappointed. Constant Spring hasn’t changed much since we left […]

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FROM THE YBN EDITOR’S DESK :: My Dinners with a Porter, a New “Martini,” and a Ketchup Bottle

by Harvey Gold 08.13.2014

Had an interesting time at favorite watering hole The Lockview the other night. First off, I ordered a Black Butte porter from Deschutes Brewery out of Portland, Oregon. We’ve had some very nice offerings from these folks of late, big fans of their Inversion IPA. This one, at 5.2% makes for the rare session porter. Here, in […]

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BEER CLINIC :: The Land Where Beer Began

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 08.11.2014

I am strolling through the hop fields of Tettnang, in southern Bavaria, near Lake Bodensee (Lake Constance), one of the major hop growing regions of Germany, which itself is the largest hop producer in the world.  I am looking forward to visiting a local brewpub (Brauereigasthof Schöre) to enjoy a Sunday luncheon that will no […]

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