December 2015

THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Winter Arrives… with Beers, a Burger, and a Bowl Game!

by Harvey Gold 12.23.2015

I’ve always carried with me a sense of seasonal disbelief. I grew up in Akron, Ohio, once (and maybe still) the American city credited with the least number of sunny days… along with being, by far, the most disparaged city in America, framed in countless books, films, and comedic monologues as a dirty little industrial […]

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BEER CLINIC :: Among the Coalfields of Northeast Pennsylvania: Breaker Brewing Company

by Dr. Carol Westbrook 12.04.2015

Breaker Brewing Company, BBC, is named for the coal breaker, a large structure used to break and sort coal as it comes out of the mines. Breakers, once common features in the hills of Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA), have all but disappeared, due to the collapse of the mining industry in 1959 when a river breach […]

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