THE EDITOR’S DESK:: Stout Night – Cold Weather Close Out

by Harvey Gold on April 15, 2012

This isn’t to say Stouts are only for cold weather, but they DO represent something big and warming to be drunk in front of a fire, and as we head towards our YBN’s Top 19 x 2 Spring roll out in the next week, we see this as a fond adieu, not to stout, but to the fire in the hearth for a few months…. hopefully.

The same friend who recently brought over a bottle of Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter for me to talk to him about (I drank it!! Nya ha ha), came over with a four pack containing 4 different stouts. Three of us shared, talked  and, much as I love the sound of my fingers hitting keys, here are our notes in the form of bullet points, in order of tasting:

Black Rat Imperial Stout from Cellar Rats Brewerynice start, not so nice finish
-Malty, sweet nose
-Good Bitter Component
-Sweet mid tongue
-Gritty, leaving a not so good feel on the back of the tongue
-Last sip was almost vinegary

Blackhawk Select from Mendocino Brewingnot good
-Sour malty nose
-A little bitter but sitting on top of a flat taste, with almost no flavor notes, the ones detectable, also sour
-From Chef Joe “ Excellent spillability.”

Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewerypretty good
-Nose a little soy saucy
-Big Chocolate, to be sure
-High ABV well integrated. Nice balance

Milk Stout from Left Handbest of the bunch
-High drinkability
-Great lacing
-Milk and mild sweetness THEN delicious chocolate milk.

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Carol, the beer doctor April 16, 2012 at 7:17 am

I had a limited release chocolate porter from Three Guys and a Beer’d brewery, Carbondale PA. It would beat out the above — but you’d have to come out here to get a taste.


admin April 17, 2012 at 12:18 am

Sounds great. Hopefully after we sip our way through Europe, we’ll come tipple a bit with you!


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