THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Last Stand in France

by Harvey Gold on June 22, 2012

Belfort, France (written on the drive from London to Liverpool)

Our time in NE France was fabulous beyond words: playing a big music festival—F.I.M.U.—in front of  appreciative audiences with the wonderful Americana singer/songwriter, Sally Spring — meeting the people we met, hearing the music we heard, exploring this magically charming city of Belfort.

For the purposes of this report, however, I’ll note little beyond a couple culinary moments. The two “France Only” dishes I most relish are the aforementioned Soup de Poisson, and the Salade de foie de volaille, a salad of greens, maybe some tomato, a nice vinaigrette, and…sauteed chicken livers!!! Clearly, based on the polarizing effect liver has on people, this no doubt elicits either a “Really! Wow!!” or some level of gag reflex. This particular one I was served was OK, nothing special, but special for ME just in being set down on the table before me at a sunny table outside a cafe with some good French bread. Ahhh, heaven!

As for the beer, it was festival fare, and as we were closer to the Swiss and German borders than anywhere else, it was mainly provided by Kronenbourg, and the pretty drinkable, hazy, Weissbier—both distributed by the ever present Heineken. Sorry folks, I tried maybe one other beer, also German, but really, nothing impressed—so let’s move on.

Next stop…the U.K!

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