THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Whottaburger!!!!

by Harvey Gold on July 2, 2012

This wasn’t planned!

Had to run downtown to the courthouse for something and figured we’d stop at a favorite watering hole we’ve had in posts here and our facebook page frequently, The Lockview. I mean I wasn’t even drinking! Black coffee it was. Today there were no daily specials, just a $5 per menu item special for the lunch rush. But in speaking to one of the owners I learned Jimmy Morris AKA Jimmy Jams was in the kitchen today. He, not so long ago, got really excited about a burger he had created, I had one, did a pairing and wrote about it.

So we agreed he would just make me a burger, however the muses took him, the only requirement that it be cooked medium rare. Holy crap, was he in an expansive mood. This burger was so big, bad delicious and aromatic, we were all sniffing, rolling back our eyes, making happy gutteral sounds and giggling. I had to come home, crush and snort about 1000 milligrams of Lipitor to get through the day, but it was sooooo worth it!!

“Harvey’s Burger 7/2/12”

-Hand formed Blue Ribbon Burger cooked in roasted garlic butter with:

– Caramelized Onion
– Applewood Smoked Bacon
– Horseradish, Chive Havarti Cheese
– Spinach
– Tomato
– Dijon Mustard
– Roasted Garlic Mayo

I’m not gonna wash my hands or face. Gonna save all that for dinner. BEST… BURGER…EVER!!! And I’m not exaggerating in the least!

If you’re ever in, passing through, or might now choose to come and spend a couple in NE Ohio , Akron specifically, you might want to print this out and carry it in your wallet, y’know?

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Carol, the beer doctor July 4, 2012 at 4:51 pm

Not quite the same as steak frite. Maybe better. Welcome back to America!


admin July 4, 2012 at 9:27 pm

Better… and far more likely to kill me! Thanks.


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