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by Harvey Gold on January 11, 2013

… and what a Happy Death it was! I’ve been writing about a Best Burger Bucket List, and will continue to work on it and report in. We’ve also had a couple brilliant one’s NOT on the list we’re basing these pieces on. Here again is one burger that was not on that original list (probably because it hadn’t been “born” yet), and  is the most decadent killer burger I’ve had in a long, long time now.

From our crazy pal, B.J. at The Valley Cafe, I give you the….

The Benedict Arnold - The Valley Cafe, Akron, Ohio

The Benedict Arnold – The Valley Cafe, Akron, Ohio

Benedict Arnold

As BJ describes it: Our Juicy Angus Burger, topped w/crispy bacon, smokey Ham, a Fried Egg & our homemade Hollandaise Sauce. His capitalization, not mine.

This burger killed. The mouth is hit pretty much all at once. Actually the whole upper body needs to be  bathed after eating this. You bite into that good substantial angus, and all at the same time, you get the salty chewy crispness of the bacon, and the big smoke flavor in the ham they chose to use, a no less that 1/4″ thick slice of it, so it’s present, to be sure. As you bite into it, the fried egg breaks and there’s all the wonderful creaminess of the yoke mixing in with the buttery goodness of a really well textured hollandaise sauce. The yoke eventually stops being a real part of it, but the sauce keeps the mouthfeel luxurious and rich, while the egg white (as opposed to a poached egg in a traditional Eggs Benedict), firmed up in the frying pan, not only contributes to the texture, but also brings some flavor of it’s own into play.

I’ve heard about fast food breakfast burgers on commercials, so it’s not a completely alien idea, but this, be it for breakfast (I hadn’t eaten yet today) or lunch (The Valley Cafe isn’t open for dinner), is truly as good as it gets!!! Take it from a guy with a sandwich named after him at this jernt, the rest of the bucket list better be ready to step up it’s game.

Now for the name – BJ thought himself clever by matching the Benedict (obvious) with Arnold, but not the expected play on words based on the man who’s name is synonymous with “traitor” here in America, but… wait for it… ham AND bacon? You guessed it (though I’m betting you didn’t), ARNOLD THE PIG from Green Acres, a TV series best long ago forgotten and a really clever idea in the world that poor poor BJ comes from. Hey BJ, what color IS the sky where you are? And why aren’t you doing the public a service by serving the Benedict Arnold with about 40mg of Lipitor, dude?

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