VIDEO OF THE WEEK :: Crowned Heads Cigars, Hoppin’ Frog Brewery, & Treasure Hunter Wines.

by admin on May 1, 2013

The latest from our pals at Havana House, featuring  Crowned Heads Cigars, Hoppin’ Frog Brewery, &  Treasure Hunter Wines.

We’ll add a little to Tony and the boys touching on the question of availability to great craft beer in the greater Akron, Ohio area.

OK, no one keeps the selection Havana House in Niles cools for us!!
– as an aside, we wish the Havana House West and Bath, Ohio could work things out to have even 1/2 that much available –

But between Acme, West Point, World Market,  and the gift of having Hoppin’ Frog, Thirsty Dog, and Ohio Brewing in the city limits, along with Market Garden, Great Lakes,  Buckeye Brewing, and MORE within a 40 minute drive, not to mention wee taverns like The Lockview, The Rail, The Winking Lizard, Melt, and on and on…we’re really doing pretty well here in the Greater Great area.

That said, it’s GREAT that these guys are focusing on some of the local brewers, regionalism, after all, a huge part of the spirit of craft brewing in America. And we’ll always welcome more of a selection that’s easier to find. Thanks guys. Gonna Post Vice Picks #5 very, very, soon so peeps can take advantage of your specials!


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Len Shwartz June 20, 2013 at 10:24 am

First time I ever sipped a Hopping Frog (don’t remember the variety) was at Primo’s Deli. You can shop for the beer you want… the beer coolers are right in the dining room with the tables… while you’re waiting for the best Reuben Akron has to offer.


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