THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Three Kings Pt #3 – Founders KBS Revisited

by Harvey Gold on May 13, 2013


3 kingsIn honor of this week, we have here an estimable  redux of sorts. One of our favorite brews EVER is Founders KBS, a big, rich, stout, aged for a year in oak bourbon barrels. We first had it with dessert at a Founders Beer Dinner. The ONE and only beer my wife makes a point of destination. It’s big, sweet, rich, chocolaty with the slightest edge of black, black coffee, and goes perfectly with dessert.
Since then we’ve had it in the bottle, where we find it to be VERY good, but not nearly what we’ve had from the tap.

So when I got a call from the aforementioned Bar Goddess, Shana, informing us that it had been tapped at The Lockview, our dinner plans became the order of the day.

Upon our arrival, we each ordered one and while waiting looked at the menu. I always tend to like their grilled cheese specials, often exotic grilled Dagwood sandwiches that happen to have some cheese in them. Dolli usually orders their Mac & Cheese, whatever else going into it, the basil and bits of roasted red pepper making it a singular and wonderful dish.

Our first sips of the KBS were every bit as delightful as expected. But I’ll admit that my rose colored glasses remembered it as bigger-than-life, more syrupy, sweeter and far more of a stand-alone or dessert beverage than it really is. So when my sandwich special arrived…

Hey Napoleon, let me have some of your TOTS!

Hey Napoleon, let me have some of your TOTS!

The Missing Link: Italian sausage, sautéed garlic spinach, marinara, mozzarella cheese and caramelized onion on Italian bread. Served with hand-cut French fries…that turned out to be tots!

I was thrilled to find the KBS light and balanced to such a degree that it served perfectly as an accompanying drink. I WILL say that the sum of the parts of this sandwich, while tasty, crunchy goodness as always, pretty much came out as a toasted version of an Italian sausage sandwich, period. Perhaps the KBS overwhelmed some of the subtle flavor suggestions of this combo, but while good, not my fave.

On the other hand, our other dinner companion (Dolli did, in fact, get the Mac & Cheese, of course), had the following:

Ham Sweet Ham: Grilled ham, Missy’s seasoned sweet potatoes (allspice, cinnamon and butter), mozzarella cheese, all served in maple syrup on country buttertop bread. Served with tater tots.

First off, not something I would normally order, THIS turned out to be the sandwich of the hour! There was a sweet & savory thing going on here that worked brilliantly. It also grabbed those elements of the KBS, the sandwich and stout soaring!! It was a perfect pairing.

Earlier in the week, I picked up a couple bottles of KBS. The chocolate came roaring out of the bottle at first blush…settling in, KBS  would probably be awesome coming out of a waxed milk carton a month past the expiration date. It’s THAT good!

So, to start off this week, the three beers examined in this three parter are truly Three Kings: Two new Top 20 brews and one that’s been sitting firmly on a throne for a while now!~ Enjoy, folks.

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