WEIGHT LOSS :: Fathead’s Oompa Loompa and Crazy Killer Sandwich of the Day

by Harvey Gold on May 22, 2013

I’ve given up CONSCIOUS consumption of bread, chips, and sweets of any nature, and have, in a few short weeks, lost 8-10 pounds, and continuing. What this means, really, is:

a)  I no longer eat sandwiches as snacks, eschew rolls, biscuits and toast with breakfast. I do NOT, however, avoid cheese, bacon, sausage, eggs, or potatoes.

imagesb) I no longer eat chips, BUT when I go to my favorite Mexican jernt, I WILL have chips with Salsa and, if the wife orders her li’l bowl of queso, well… that too.

c) I no longer  eat desserts and don’t eat candy, BUT I will go, without remorse, to the GREATEST FROZEN CUSTARD STAND IN THE WORLD: Rosati’s!! Higbee’s Chocolate Malt I will take with me to the grave!

So the idea is that by making the above claims, I’m simply being conscious of what I’m eating, how much, and when, NOT putting myself on an extreme diet that I’ll never stay with.

And this all relates to the following, how? This was my exception, meaty, cheesy, spicy, rich, crunchy, and unbelievably awesome, both in flavor notes and texture, ordered at Akron Ohio’s The Lockview:
CHORI POLLO GRILLED CHEESE – Chorizo, Grilled Chicken, Pepper Jack Cheese & Jalapenos, on Country Buttertop Bread w. Handcut Fries. 

Chori Pollo Grilled Cheese

Chori Pollo Grilled Cheese

The magic in this was using fresh (not pickled) jalapenos. Deveined and seeded, they were fresh, cool, crispy, tasting much like sweet bell peppers with just the right measure of bitter and heat at the end. This was interesting, based on what I chose to drink with it, Oompa Loompa Chocolate Cream Stout from Cleveland’s Fat Head’s Brewing. Most conventional wisdom these days is to have an IPA, something with hops and bitter to cut through spice, when ordering something like this sandwich. In this case, I ordered the beer before deciding what I wanted to eat. But first, the weight of Oompa Loompa was lighter than one would expect from a milk or cream stout. It was also a little more carbonated than most. The chocolate, for me, was not pronounced, but there was a lovely balance between a gentle sweet milk, and a presence of a hoppy (or unsweetened chocolate, maybe?) bitterness. So it turned out to offer everything I required, in some ways a mirror of the sandwich, i.e. a richness AND an edge! A nice beer!

And, as relates to the diet, I shared some fries, which is a pretty big gesture for me, and brought home half the sandwich. Admittedly, I ate that other half about an hour later, but to be fair, in my former life I would have finished it at The Lockview and then, an hour or two later, started snackingsomething else, so the “diet” survived even THIS bad ass meal… sorta.


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