THE EDITOR’S DESK:: Desperately Seeking Spring

by Harvey Gold on February 4, 2014

indexI’ve had a couple Spring Blondes (nice label) from New Belgium. Now first, we were NOT in the north where trying such a beer at 10 below with 6 inches of snow would be geographically inappropriate. Rather, we were in South Central Florida, manifesting it’s own version of the arctic vortex action by being very much like a northern America… Spring.

My first one showed less nose than I would have expected from most Belgians. Nice, yeasty, but little apparent spice, something this writer goes for in favored Belgians.Very light in color it displayed a small snow white head, much like a well lit photo of a Pilsner.

Chase Cutting

Chase Cutting

Cutting to the chase, it had a sweetness, and a bit of a bitter. I saw this not so much as a distinctive destination beer, but a decent drinking beer. Maybe a little TOO distinctive for the Bud drinkers, the bit of flavor and the baby bitter probably too much for many of them, not to mention perhaps too big (or maybe not) for a day long drinking session at 6% ABV.

That said, ice cold, it went really well at the end of a long, hard day, as an accompaniment to a bag of Skinny Pop. Probably would have also done well had I caved and wrecked the “smart” popcorn moment with a ¼ pound of melted butter poured into the bowl.

photo 1[1]_SnapseedBut to clarify, for me and my fellow taster, not one I would choose again. A Fat Tire would have been much better, as would Ranger IPA or, for those looking for an alternative to the average American drinking beer (as my cohort was), their Shift Pale Lager.

As for the next bottle a couple days later? As Herman’s Hermits put it, “Second verse, same as the first.”

We love New Belgium on many levels, but my tastes lead me to other offerings from these talented brewers.

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