THE EDITOR’S DESK :: A quickie – Domaine DuPage, Lively & Alive

by Harvey Gold on May 26, 2014

unnamedAt the end of a very physically active holiday weekend, a little dehydrated from all the play and salty BBQ foods, I sat down with a nice Ashton Esquire, a Dominican purito, and a 12 oz. bottle of Domaine DuPage from Two Brothers Brewing, a French Country Ale, at 5.9% ABV. It poured a medium amber with a cream colored, but very minimal head. The nose was malty with a hint of spice.

The flavor mirrored the nose, somewhat malty, sweet, not cloying, and at the low ABV, not an overpowering beverage. The brewer claims a decent bitter on the back. For my money, at 24IBU, not really worth focusing on outside of it’s role, as is same with the subtle spice, in creating another nice example of a session beer with an interesting personality. Balanced to a degree that it possessed a high level of drinkability and thirst quenching while staying interesting and lively throughout.

When looking to snap a pic for this post, I was delighted to see that not only was this Domaine DuPage lively, but it was, in fact, alive as well, spying a piece of living yeast in the bottom of my glass forming a mini-geyser of carbonation rising up like a submerged water spout, reminiscent of the Delirium Tremens I also made a video of in a previous post.

So not only was the beverage tasty, refreshing and totally satisfying as a “good drinking beer,” something I will be adding to my “go to” beer list, but entertaining as well!
A win win.

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