FROM THE YBN EDITOR’S DESK :: My Dinners with a Porter, a New “Martini,” and a Ketchup Bottle

by Harvey Gold on August 13, 2014

Had an interesting time at favorite watering hole The Lockview the other night. First off, I ordered a Black Butte porter from Deschutes Brewery out of Portland, Oregon. We’ve had some very nice offerings from these folks of late, big fans of their Inversion IPA. This one, at 5.2% makes for the rare session porter. Here, in a short clip, brewer Veronica Vega talks about it… My thinking is that what makes it a really accessible beer is the low alcohol profile, making it eminently drinkable. The first impression I got, based on the malt components (Pale, Carapils, Chocolate, Crystal, Wheat), was that it impressed as something of a Rogue Mocha Porter, a longtime favorite, but in this case, even though the ABVs are pretty much the same, a lighter version of it. This was definitely not a bad thing. It served as a terrific beverage to accompany the Lockview special of the day, the Lockview BBQ Burger, “8oz. blue ribbon burger, tender BBQ pulled pork, crisp onion straws, shredded lettuce and pickle on a Kaiser roll with Muenster cheese.”
The burger was oh so tasty with, no doubt, a pretty solid soldium content. The Black Butte quenched and quenched. The low ABV helped me a lot, as I, uncharacteristically, gulped down the first and finished off my burger with a second, with no ill effects, and a great taste in my mouth from the BBQ pork and the roasted, coffeeish flavor of this excellent brew.

Searching for dinner conversation?

Searching for dinner conversation?

Another fun moment came when I looked at the Heinz Ketchup bottle on the table. Many jokes have been made, doom & gloom social commentary, and pics taken of people sitting in a group interfacing only by shouldering up while all eye-locked on their smart phones and tablets. Here there was a reason, yet more evidence that, flying cars be damned, we ARE living in the age of The Jetsons. Scan the label with your smart phone and up pops a trivial pursuit game to play. The upside? At least we’re sitting together with our PDAs AND flapping our lips! Yay, humanity!!!

Cool as a cuke!

Cool as a cuke!

One quick postscript: last night, dining at the Bistro on Main, I had yet another really refreshing beverage. Described as a Cucumber Cooler, it was muddled lime, mint, and cucumber, lime juice, soda water, and my choice of Gin, Hendricks, though they also offer it with a cucumber vodka, Very dry, very refreshing. I think of it, today, as MY martini.

Cheers, George and Judy!

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