FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Not-SXSW, Pt. 3 – Playing, eating & sipping in Austin.

by Harvey Gold on March 19, 2011

Ray Bonneville

Gurf Morlix

A lot of great music, fabulous Mexican and BBQ, and more than a couple great beers since we last reported in. Played an outdoor set at the G&S Lounge sandwiched between killer sets from Ray Bonneville and Gurf Morlix, Gurf doing an acoustic set playing the music of Blaze Foley. Foley alone makes for a compelling, tragic story, with some amazing song writing a huge part of it.

All stunning music worth seeking out.

Sally Spring and Ted Lyons, who I’m playing bass with like to dress in black, so of course, playing outdoors,this day the weather breaks big and hits a sweltering 84. Shiner’s Bock took on a whole new meaning for me as a result. Y’know, I tend to describe beer as what starts in the “front” as a first taste, then there’s the “middle” – the blooming of the flavor, and what happens as a finish, on the “back” of the tongue, so I hope you’ll indulge me. The interesting thing about this beer is the mild taste of  bitter that, for me, usually comes at the end of a beer, yet with this, sits smack dab in the middle. Interesting, with a nice weight, it’s a fine thirst quencher, and with some of the spicier Texan eats, it does a good job of easing some fires.

Before the day was out, I tried a regional brew, Real Ale Coffee Porter, from Blanco TX. Coffee hits the tongue and continues to come on. There’s some chocolate and malt going on here, but the coffee (the brewer describes it as  “shade grown”) is the thing. Again, a Texas beer with a medium body, so it still does a fine job as a thirst quencher, but with a good, solid 6.3% ABV.

A friend came down from Dallas to video the set (thanks, Brad!), so we took him to dinner at ArtZ Ribs, where we’re playing tonight. Great Texas beef ribs that present a plate making us feel like Fred Flintstone eating Bronto-ribs.

Giddy Ups, South Austin TX

Yesterday, we played a noon set at Giddy-Ups, a little, authentic road house. Great set, really nice folks, Met a couple craft beer lovers there who, as I write this, are doing a nice Saturday of tasting some high octane brews. Oh…and a sweet little taco wagon in the parking lot for snacks.

Lunch in Austin was at Tarbouch for a huge, tasty, fresh middle eastern lunch, with yet another Shiner Bock to wash it down.

Last night, back at G&S we played the inside stage. A great show again, and again, a thirsty one. Right after the set, more good news to report. I tried a Real Ale’s Full Moon Pale Rye Ale. The nose and first blush of taste were floral and citrus. The weight of this is pretty light, and the flavor notes make for a really balanced drink. Quite delicious. At 5.4% this is a great beer for these climes and any kind of session. Real Ale is a brewer worth seeking out.

The big surprise from last night was getting to hear the amazing Cindy Cashdollar play some of the finest pedal steel I’ve ever heard. Also got to meet her after many years of about a half degree of separation. Good times. Tonight, more music, more beer, more BBQ.



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