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by Harvey Gold on February 4, 2016

indexI recently tried a Brooklyn Brewery Lord Sorachi Imperial Saison.

This is kind of a big deal. We don’t often see Sorachi Ace hops, and this is a limited, draft only, release, so I was kind of excited to try it. It came to me very cold, presenting almost no nose, the citrusy, a little peppery & cider like flavor not at all overstated, even coming with a 9%ABV. I liked it, as did my tablemates who also sipped it.

As it warmed just a touch, I began to detect a unique flavor, one of perhaps orange along with the lemongrass nature of the Sorachi hops? Not sure as this was my first time with these hops. Still nice, a good tart sour, and interesting. The nose also was starting to present a unique orange.

Warmed another couple degrees, I short circuited at the table and launched into this:

“When I was a kid, there were times certain things made me nauseated. Not so much anymore, but back then, more than a couple things. When I would warn my parents (or, notably, my Aunt Frieda) that if I had to ingest whatever was before me I would throw up, it would often be met by a ‘No it will not! Eat it!!!’
Amazing!!! Adults actually believed that their authority was so omnipotent as to be able to impose a settling of those naughty regurgitative esophageal muscles. Of course, far more important to a frightened, sick to the stomach kid, was the implicit notion that throwing up would be blatantly disobeying my folks, thus exposing me as a bad kid for doing so. As my folks, trusting they could just order this away would not wisely fetch a waste basket, bucket, or rush me off to a sink or toilet, the result was (100% of the time, btw) a really yucky mess on a table, bed, carpet and, always, me, presenting evidence that I had, indeed done a very bad thing. I mean vomit is creepy, right?
Now they would always respond as good parents, clean me up (likely while muttering and sniping at each other as they struggled to stem the rushing tide of stink), put me to bed, get me water, and be quite sweet.

imagesnb : Eventually they might have learned not to try to pull their weak shit on me anymore – one would have thought once or twice was more than enough of a lesson – but I think I also grew out of both frequent vomiting and situations where my intake was so controlled by my parents, but make no mistake, these experiences stuck with me to the point that I’m, at this moment, imposing my pathology on you in a beer review.

“Along with Alka Seltzer, Del Monte boiled string beans and asparagus, and any amount of goo in scrambled eggs, a sure fire, no doubt, “first time/every time” source of nausea was children’s aspirin. I could easily take Bayer’s Aspirin for Children, even liked it, but the weird, chalky, super strong not orange orange of the, far more popular St. Joseph’s Aspirin for Children made me vomit, sometimes by just imagining having it in the same room.”

So as the beer warmed this sort of strange orange became more and more vivid. At first I was thrilled as I declared it more like Bayer than St. Joseph, but the THOUGHT WAS THERE, right? Continuing to drink it, as the nose and flavor became more and more present, I started to sweat a little. Not that it tasted like THAT aspirin, but because it was becoming SO FRIGGIN’ ORANGE… and an odd one. Maybe the combo of oranges and the hops made the engulfing vapors odd – and yeah, the NOT psychotic 8 year old me, along with many, would agree that what I just called “odd” was actually “really interesting!”

The server told me it was his understanding that Brooklyn made this with tangerines, (or was it blood oranges?) something a little off center and highly flavored. In any event, while I continued to regale my tablemates with this story of my childhood, occasionally shrieking & shivering demonstratively as I continued to drain the glass, I did -in fact- drain the glass… and with no grown ups telling me I had to do so!

imagesSo… while I will not likely have this fascinating witches brew from Brooklyn again, even if it wasn’t in such a limited release, I would…. wait for it… also highly recommend it as a totally unique and interesting drinking experience.

“Sorry Harvey, our time is up today. Next week, same time?”


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Carol Westbrook February 7, 2016 at 9:08 am

It is interesting to me how a complex taste can evoke such complicated memories. I’d love to try this beer, or anything with these hops. I loved your story about childhood and aspirin–not the best thing for a stomach ache, but then again my folks used to give me a small shot of brandy.


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