HOLIDAY WEEK CONVERSATION: Liver, Cigars & Serious Bathroom Talk

by Harvey Gold on April 23, 2011

A conversation that could have happened on our YBN facebook page. So what have you been indulging in during this holiday week/weekend? Being Jewish w. a gentile wife and family, I’m hitting the indulgence button ALL week.

ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE: Happy Easter Weekend. I ate so much chopped liver Monday, I died, was revived and purged, ate another pound of it, died and went to heaven, took a nice crap, and came back for a little more for breakfast on Tuesday… to get ready for THAT night’s assault on Brisket Mountain. Now it’s off to LEVEL THREE: POTATO MOUNTAIN AND CASTLE LAMB!

  • David Brisker and you will be washing this all down with what beer???
  • Harvey Gold tbd. I have some Fat Tire, 1554 and Ranger IPA left from my trip. But Lamb? Almost thinking cinematically and might want to go with some Chimay? Any thoughts are welcome. Haven’t gone shopping for more yet.
  • David Brisker I would think the Chimay would overpower the food you will be having. Lamb already makes quite a flavor statement, I would not want a beer that would step on that. Perhaps something lighter, like a nice clean IPA. Chimay is wonderful, but is practicably a meal unto itself.
  • David Brisker heh. I meant to say practically.
  • Jason Carey yikes
  • Louis Williams Can I come over?
  • Harvey Gold Louis: You’ll have to eat at the kids table in the middle of Market Street if you do.
  • Louis Williams Deal.
  • Harvey Gold When in Okeechobee I drank a Chimay Blue with a hand rolled loose cigar from N.O and it WAS like a meal unto itself… sans food. I was thinking warm, brown, caramely, lamby, roasty thoughts with a complement in that sense, as opposed  to feeling a need to contrast and cut (the richness of the food, which DOES make sense) as I would with an IPA or even a Dunkel (which I still have a couple of), but it would need to have a BIG presence as opposed to a ‘standard issue’ bitter or medium ale. Still, I’ll give your point some thought.
  • David Brisker A Scotch Ale would pair well with lamb, & certainly has a bigger presence than the IPA. I could also see having a Porter or even a Stout if you wanted to go “bigger” in the presence department, but thinking upon it, the Scotch Ale sounds like a good choice. Thinking about that Chimay Blue with a good cigar made my mouth water. “Hand Rolled”. Would any other kind be worth consideration? HELLS NO! Tomorrow a good buddy is coming by & we are going to smoke some meat, undetermined as to what kind it will be at this point, but a good cigar will be part of the day, one way or the other. I have a few Cuban Montecristo #2’s, stashed away. They are my favorite cigar, a “Torpedo” styled, & like most Cubans, full of peppery flavor.
  • Jeff Curtis Mmmmmmm. Beer and meat. And, for dessert, potatoes! Life is good.
  • Harvey Gold Dave, I decided on, after all this, Titan IPA from Great Divide. No doubt you get it out there. Just thought I’d try an IPA I’ve not had before, figuring it would make for a fun story if it works and I have the time to write about the pairing. Most people I’vee talked to love it, or at worst, consider it a solid, respectable IPA, so we’ll see. I do, however, find it funny that you thought going with a Chimay would be going to large, yet are willing to have me die at the hands of stout as my beverage. As for the Scotch Ale concept, if I could get it up here, I wouldn’t hesitate to have the Real Ale Phoenixx Double Extra Special Bitter… with almost anything actually. Probably better I can’t.
  • David Brisker Funny thing is Harvey, where Stouts are concerned, I find them much lighter in body that the Trappist styled Chimays. I can drink a good stout all day, but Chimay, I can only do one, & then I’m done. The 2 stouts here I like are the XXXXX Stout from Seattle’s Pike Place Brewery, & the Obsidian Stout from Deschutes Brewery in Oregon. I can’t even bring myself do drink a Guinness Stout which, by comparison to the 2 local ones I mentioned, tastes like water to me. I believe the Guinness they have in Ireland is NOT the same as what we get here in the states, but as I have never had a “real” one, I will hold my opinion open on it. I am not familiar with the Titan IPA, but will look into it.
  • David Brisker Titan is from Colorado, & is distributed here. It is now on my “to try” list. I am heading out soon to try the Anderson Valley Imperial IPA, so perhaps I can also find the Titan.
  • Kristoffer Carter You had me at took a nice crap

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