TOP 20 BEERS :: YBN’s Spring Send-Off

by Harvey Gold - Dave Daugherty on June 19, 2011

This is it, folks!! The opinions you’ve all been waiting for. Now you’ll not need to even THINK about what to buy for your fridge to prove you’re a Discriminating Beer Enthusiast (DBE).


We were updating the list of beers we’ve paired, reviewed, and mentioned critically, either at length or briefly but with conviction, here at and our YourBeerNetwork facebook page. Sitting at 170 (we didn’t post on Miller Natural Light, as to write it tasted like Milwaukee’s Best with something sour and/or dead in it seemed to be too negative), we thought we’d see what our Top 20s included. We also figured as we go forth, knowing our preferences will give you an idea what a “Yay” or “Nay” from either of us might mean to your taste, i.e., “Harvey loved it…think I’ll take a pass!” Y’know, like that. These will be in alphabetical order by brewer. Also note, while we try to bring each other brews from our individual adventures, there have been beers one of us has tasted but the other hasn’t. Oh, and we both enjoy a fine tequila and a good cigar on occasion.

First, from Dave who Speaks and has been On and Off the Beaten Path, tasting, pounding, and sipping beers for years…the guy who’s exploits inspired this YBN effort:

Beer Brewery
Hopslam Bell’s
471 Small Batch Breckenridge
Vanilla Porter Breckenridge
Monster Ale Brooklyn Brewing
Aquarius Double IPA Buckeye Brewing
Pepper Porter Church Brew Works
Doppelbock Duck Rabbit
Raging Bitch IPA Flying Dog
Double Chocolate Stout Fort Collins Brewery
13 Rebels IPA French Broad Brewery
Rejewvenator He’Brew
Pipeline Porter Kona Brewing
Dogfather Laughing Dog Brewery
Southern Pecan Lazy Magnolia
Fade to Black 2011 Left Hand Brewery
Imperial Barley Wine Mendocino Brewery Saratoga
1554 Enlightened Black Ale New Belgium
Maerzen Smokebeer Schlenkeria
Smokehaus Shiner/Spoetzl
Rail Bender Wedge Brewing

Next up from Harvey, who sits at the YBN Editor’s Desk—the new guy with fresh tastebuds and crazy enthusiasm, who loves food that’s bad for him and GOOD Single Malt Scotch (preferably Islays):

Beer Brewery
Hopslam Bell’s
Vanilla Porter Breckenridge
Aquarius Double IPA Buckeye Brewing
Xingu Black Beer Cervejaria Sul Brasileira
Grande Reserve Chimay
IPA Goose Island
Dominique (Belgian Sour Ale) Goose Island
Foreign Extra Stout Guinness
Fade to Black 2011 Left Hand Brewery
Ommegang Abbey Ale Ommegang
Coffee Porter Real Ale
Phoenixx Double Extra Special Bitter Real Ale
John John Juniper Rogue
Mocha Porter Rogue
Blackened Hops Samuel Adams
Levitation Ale Stone
Smoke Porter Stone
Arrogant Bastard Ale Stone
Siberian Night Imperial Stout Thirsty Dog
Cerberus Belgian Style Trippel Thirsty Dog

What are YOUR faves as we head into summer? Let’s see your list in comments, or e-mail us and we’ll post them here or on the YBN facebook page.

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Christine Jump May 27, 2011 at 2:25 pm

Quite the list!! Thanks for weeding out any potential skunks.
I’m hooked and subscribing.

The brewery links in this post aren’t working.


admin May 27, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Thanks Christine. One person’s mead can be another person’s skunk. That said, we think they are a couple pretty delicious lists. Thanks for dropping by. We see the linkage issue and will get to work on that. Thanks for pointing it out! Cheers.


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