FROM THE YBN EDITOR’S DESK :: A quick -Diabolical- one

by Harvey Gold on May 27, 2011

North Peak Brewing Company’s Diabolical IPA is simply delicious. I know this is an unusual way to come out of the box, but there it is. Opened it to accompany Chinese Garlic Chicken, what turned out to be a rather mild dish with white meat chicken sautéed with green pepper, and onion in, as noted, a (far too) mild garlic sauce. While the dish was something of a disappointing yawn, this IPA was not.

The pour is golden and the white head brief. The nose is lacking at the start, but the flavor is wonderful. At every sip I was inspired to say “Delicious!” out loud. This alone, making me so annoying to my dinner companion, was diabolical enough. There’s a wonderful and consistent balance of citrus and pine. My thinking is that there’s something perhaps more elegant than Chinook in here. Williamette? Ahtanum?

Drove me a little crazy so I called Head Brewer Dave Hale at the Front St. beer pub, North Peak Brewing, in Traverse City, Michigan. As Dave describes it, Diabolical, a recipe of Brewmaster Mike Hall of Northern United Brewery, up on the Old Mission Peninsula, is a pretty interesting concoction.

The recipe calls for Cascade hops, primarily for the bitter, some Williamette, Perle and Cascade, then dry hopping Cascade & Centennial.

Just the right amount of bitter. The IBU of 66.6 with an ABV of 6.66% suggests the devilish nature of this Diabolical ale. But what’s truly diabolical is the fact that this is so tasty, one could easily be tricked into drinking it into oblivion. Killer!!


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