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by admin on June 19, 2011

…or Good Food, Good Beer, Good Cheer!

A spontaneous gathering last week at The Beer Engine, Buckeye Brewing’s beer pub. From left: Web Mistress/Editor Dolli Gold; Editor-in-Chief Harvey Gold; from BEERdinner and the in-development “The Greg Show,” Chef Greg Tushar; The Beer Clinic’s Dr. Carol Westbrook; and YBN’s resident Forensic Engineer Rick Rikoski.

Dr. Carol and Harvey both started the night with Buckeye Brewing’sCleveland IPA,” coming out soon in 12 oz. bottles. Carol followed that with a Duvel Green. Rick drank Well’s Bombadier, and Greg went with a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. No beer for Dolli. She’s a winer… or is it winette?

Dolli Q. Gold, Harvey Gold, Chef Greg Tushar, Dr. Carol Westbrook, Rick Rikoski

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