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by Dr. Carol Westbrook on July 26, 2011

I really wanted to taste Left Hand Brewing’s “400 Pound Monkey” but they ran out today at the restaurant. It’s very popular here—off the beaten path—in Madison, Indiana, where I am spending three days pinch-hitting for the local oncologist. Kentucky Ale is their local brew. But…Monkey is their most popular.

I’m sure I would like it. But I can’t put it on my list if I didn’t taste it, can I? I really like Left Hand Brewing, and since Sawtooth Ale has been one of my faves, I put it on the list instead.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Beer Brewery
Black Hole Mikkeller
Wells Bombardier Wells & Young’s
Celebration Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Curse the Goat Shoreline
Domaine Du Page Two Brothers
Duvel Green Duvel
Hopslam Bells
Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale Cricket Hill Brewery
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Alltech Lexington Brewery
Leviathan Imperial IPA Harpoon
Sawtooth Ale Left Hand Brewing

Ed: In response to Carol’s querry about 400 Pound Monkey, reprinting a piece posted on the YBN facebook page on July 1st. And yes Carol, I think you might very well like it:

“Tried Boddington’s Pub Ale on draught tonight. Not as creamy throughout as it was coming out of the nitro can, which had made it TOTALLY unique in it’s creaminess from end to end. But from the tap, it showed more of it’s personality and I found it to be unremarkable, but a good, enjoyable, drinking beer.


“I followed it with a Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey. My drinking mate asked what it was. Not having read up on it, only having had it once before, also on tap, so no hints from the label, I offered it was some sort of IPA, evidenced by the hoppy bitterness, but not really floral on the nose or tongue—really well balanced—and as it warmed, increasingly malt driven. Of course! An English Pale Ale, which explains why when I tasted the fresh blueberry cupcake with cream cheese icing my wife ordered, the sip of Left Hand immediately following wasn’t jarring and actually made sense…really. It did.”

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Richard August 2, 2011 at 9:53 pm

Carol, it is my understanding that a new movie coming out on August 5th is causing a shortage of the Monkey brew you were planning to sample.


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