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by Harvey Gold on July 26, 2011

Patron Silver and Sierra Nevada Best of Beer Camp # 29  Ghidora Double IPA.

We’ve enjoyed exploring the notion that the citrus and cut of bitter from the hops in an IPA can serve the same purpose as lemon and salt do in the customary tequila shot. Along these lines, we’ve tried such pairings with Ales that aren’t as hoppy—with more of a malt balance—and even with wonderful beers there have been mixed results.

This one simply killed it!

We know Patron Silver is big, flavorful, and present, with a hot-knife-cutting-through-butter edge to it. Delicious stuff.

This IPA just jumped right in as a chaser, bringing huge floral and citrus hop notes into the fray, soothingly cold, contributing mightily to the flavor explosion, making for a perfect combo. It poured with a beautiful, snow white head, leaving lacing on the glass 2 hours later. The nose was what we’d expect and hope for from a premium, big (8.1% ABV) Double Imperial IPA.

Now we’re going to try another of this Best of Beer Camp #29 when we get a chance (two came in the collection and someone schnorred our other one, so…), as reviews out there have made it a star.

We segued from the Patron shot into accompanying a BFD (Breakfast for Dinner)—in this case, a ham, onion and cheese scramble served open face on a toasted everything bagel with a bit of ketchup, wasabi sauce, and some garlic habanero sauce. So while the super bitter nature of the Ghidora Double IPA (84 IBU) was perfect in standing up to and complementing the tequila and then the fierce onslaught of our every-flavor-in-the-cupboard…with garlic…dinner, we have no real stand-alone notion of what Best of Beer Camp #29 does for us when allowed to just be poured and drunk.

Have any of you tried it? If so, whadaya think?

We’re thinking we’re still going to like this three-headed monster just fine.

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