NEWS & REVIEWS :: Buckeye Brewing’s Christmas Girl

by David Daugherty on January 18, 2011

We’ve enjoyed and written about many Christmas and holiday beers this season, but would be terribly remiss if we didn’t mention one from our friends at Buckeye Brewing.

Christmas Girl is a delicious Belgian-style Pale (Blonde) Ale with an ABV of 6.5%. Offering an aroma of oak, grapes and maybe wine, not much of a head, which dissipates quickly, the color golden yellow.

The flavor is clean with tastes of wheat and the ever present wheat strain used in good Belgian ales; and also a hit of Pilsner malt and some honey which I would expect from this style to give it some sweetness.

We know how much Buckeye puts into their brewing process and this one did not disappoint.  Belgian-style and German inspired beer is their forte and we are glad to have them just right around the corner!

And the label? Sweet!

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