THE EDITOR’S DESK :: Attack of the KILLER BRUNCHWICH… with a chaser!

by Harvey Gold on January 15, 2012

Editor’s Note:  We have a couple pieces from OTHER people coming up this week, but this just happened and I had to share – Harvey

I had a craving last night for a nice shot of Patron Silver. I’m not a lemon and salt guy, so I generally just drink it straight and solo, which is delicious. As we’ve seen written here before, though, I’ve also been taking advantage of the citrus and crisp bitter edge by chasing the shots w. an IPA. Works great.

Last night we went with the North Peak Vicious Wheat IPA.  As much as I have recently been singing the praises of Vicious, this wasn’t, as I had suspected, quite the match up it might have been. The unique quality of Vicious is the wonderful sweetness it sends between the intoxicating floral citrus of the first contact and the nicely balanced dry endgame.

In this case, the rich flavors of the Patron were a bit too much.

As a rule with other, harder edged IPAs , they roar in with the  cold, wet, dry, citrusy mouthfeel, the Patron dropping back briefly, then rising back up after, the intermingling of flavor notes an often dizzying ride. In this instance, following that first chilled nose and sip of the IPA chasing the tequilla, this ale gave a liittle too much ground, and the rich tequilla, on it’s rise back left the sweeter ale in the background, leaving the lesser “soapier” qualities an IPA can have when either an incomplete beer or, in this case, having some of the flavor notes missing by simply being overwhelmed.

This isn’t a criticism of Vicious, as it stands alone a lovely beer. I mean I know of no brewer who thinks about his or her creation chasing tequilla when fashioning it. That’s just our thing, and we opted for a less than perfect pairing.

On another subject, I just have to share (wish I’d taken a pic), yesterday’s OBSCENE KILLER BRUNCHWICH. For the wife I cooked up some crisp bacon and a lovely couple slices of french toast with cinammon sugar and a touch of spiced rum in the batter. A little butter and warm maple syrup and she did OK. Could’ve used more cinammon and would have been better off with a quick dip of the bread into the rum, rather than just making it a component of the batter, but live and learn.

Then… with just a little salt and pepper, nothing sweet, I crisped up a couple slices of FT for myself. While prepping everything, I indulged myself by turning a couple hard boiled eggs into some gourmet egg salad: coursely smashed up eggs with finely chopped sweet onion, a little celery seed (or use real celery), part Hellmans, part Wasabi mayo, and a sprinkle of kosher salt. Plating the French Toast, I placed two strips of bacon on one slice, dolloping on the eggs salad, then sandwiching it all in with the other slice of French Toast. I then tabled this odd Croque de la Mort, and ate this heavenly concoction with a knife and fork.

Note: This is one of the few times that using a normal cut (as opposed to thick sliced) bacon works best as I like mine crisp and if it’s thick it will be more problematic when trying to eat this with a knife and fork.

I had no pairing for it other than the idea that it would go best, I think, with two chopped up lines of Lipitor and a glass of vinegar in the hopes that it wouldn’t kill me on the spot. I toyed with the idea of recreating it today, in order to provide a proper photo, but realized that this absolutely would be the freight train of death were I to breakfast on it two days in a row.

But it was the most perfect of breakfast/lunch foods ever devised, I believe. Pat me on the back while I’m still breathing.

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