BREAKING NEWS :: A Late Night Visit -Fabulous Friends/ Fabulous Stout

by Harvey Gold on January 17, 2012

11:45PM Monday 1/16/12

Weird, At around 10:00PM, the lights of  a car pull into our drive and there comes a knock on the door. It turns out, much to our delight, to be a family of three friends of ours returning home from a visit to the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s tasting room. These crazy sweet people are dropping by with a very expensive 4 pack of Great Lakes Barrel Aged Blackout Stout.

We greet them, immediately pop one open and do a pour. We’ve not reviewed Great Lakes Blackout Stout, but let me begin by saying their barrel aged version won the Gold Medal at the 2011 World Beer Championships, and this year’s is just fabulous. A few months ago I had my first PROPER bourbon barrel brew experience with Founders KBS, which turned out to be, particularly in the context of the Beer Dinner where we were introduced to it, absolutely awesome. More recently I had another another great experience with Founders Backwoods Bastard, a Wee Heavy aged in bourbon barrels.

Here we have an Imperial Stout aged in these barrels. This is a young one, the 2012, clearly a 2011 brew, just tapped and bottled. The pour was black, the small head a nice dark tan. The nose was intoxicating, NOT, as one of my earlier horrid experiences, the vapors from a shot of bourbon extract, but sweet and substantial. First sips also played to the bourbon and it’s sweetness. Again, I’ve not had the Blackout Stout sans barrel aging, so need to in order to see what came from where. That being said, THIS was delicious.

I slowed down to let it warm some and it did exactly what my friends said it would. The nose shifted to a big chocolate, described by one of our friends, Trevor, as what he recalled from walking into a fudge shop. The taste followed suit, moving to a place where it felt like it left the grit of unsweetened bakers chocolate on the tongue, yet the not at all sticky but now mild sweetness held fast.

Wow! I’m not sure how much will be available for how long, but it was going at $28 for a 4 pack. Steep, to be sure, but I’ve paid plenty and gotten far less from many offerings… and this was free, so a win, win. A million thanks to the Whites, who we adore, for a fabulous impromptu visit (Patron and popcorn were also  involved), and their wonderful generosity.

And congratulations and thanks to Great Lakes. You folks killed it!

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